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Hiring a Background Screening Service Provider vs DIY Backgrounds

Hiring a Background Screening Service Provider vs DIY Backgrounds

Background screening is an important part of the recruiting process since it ensures that candidates are not only qualified for a job but also do not pose any potential threats to the firm. The procedure entails verifying a candidate’s employment history, criminal background, education, certifications, references, and other pertinent information in order to determine their fitness for a position. Recently, a controversy has erupted over whether to do background screening internally or outsource it to a professional background screening firm. In this post, our international private investigators compare the benefits of engaging a professional firm vs in-house screening.

Why Are Background Checks Required for Employment?

Professional employment screenings are critical for protecting a company’s assets and reputation, protecting its employees, and assuring the safety of its consumers. Failure to complete thorough background check investigations can result in legal issues, employee injury, and financial losses for the organization. Employers have two options: conduct the so-called background checks in-house or hire the services of a professional investigation firm to do the job correctly.

The Downsides of DIY Background Screening

Companies might save money in the short term by doing their own employment screenings, but this can be quite costly in the long run! DIY screenings have disadvantages. Employers may face limited access to the information needed for a comprehensive background check, especially if the candidate is from another country or if they have lived and worked offshore. This limitation results in incomplete or erroneous verifications. Conducting a thorough background check requires a particular degree of skills and boots in the ground, which employers may lack, thereby exposing them to legal problems. There is also the possibility of failing to comply with legal standards, which can have major legal ramifications. Additionally, doing background checks in-house can be time-consuming and draw focus away from more critical responsibilities.

The Advantages of Hiring a Background Screening Company

For starters, one of the benefits is that companies gain access to information that would otherwise be unavailable if they conducted the checks themselves. Background check investigations conducted by a reputable investigation company with trained investigators in the countries where you need them, offers you the knowledge and skills to conduct complete and accurate background checks, decreasing the possibility of mistakes. They can also help employers comply with legal standards and avoid any legal problems. Employers save time by hiring a provider, allowing them to focus on other important duties. Furthermore, background screening companies make certain that background checks are reliable and accurate by investigating every piece of information directly at the official sources (government offices, schools, employers, etc).

Considerations When Choosing a Background Check Provider

Legal compliance should be prioritized, and the provider should have a complete awareness of relevant laws and regulations. They should provide detailed reports that are simple to understand and read. Quick turnaround times are also essential to avoid delays in the hiring process. Industry knowledge and expertise specific to the employer’s field can greatly contribute to a more tailored screening process. Lastly, the provider should have robust data security protocols in place to protect the privacy and confidentiality of candidate information.  An actual background check investigation is precisely that, an investigation, and should be conducted by a trained professional investigator, not a human resources employee or department.  Searching criminal records is not a background check, but is only a minor part of the service.

Finally, completing background check investigations is critical for making educated hiring decisions. Employers must carefully consider the budget and the provider’s experience, customer service, and professionalism. Furthermore, while picking a service provider, companies should consider how customized background checks might benefit their hiring strategy. And lastly, legal compliance and data protection are also important to ensure a thorough, accurate, and compliant screening process.  Need the job done right the first time?  Contact us for a confidential quote.

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