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How to Hire an International Private Investigator

How to Hire an International Private Investigator

A basic search online will show you easy steps to hiring a reputable private investigator through a variety of companies. Hiring an international private investigator though will take more of your time and energy and you might not know where to start. You’ll want to be sure to understand each of these points and turn to the experts with any questions or concerns before diving in to investigate.

Cost: The cost of hiring a private detective varies widely based on the company you choose (or if the investigator is self-employed) and what lengths the detective will need to go to in order to obtain the background information you seek. Costs could include hourly fees as well as payment for miles traveled. Internationally speaking, this cost could build quickly. Understand exactly what information you are seeking and just how much it is worth to you before committing any of your savings to an international private investigator.   Understand that like any professional service, much like with a law firm, expect to pay realistic prices for highly trained professionals operating overseas.

Research: Finding a reputable company will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Use the internet to compare services offered, user reviews and results. Choose your top 3 or 4 and make phone calls to get a better idea of who you will be working with. Make sure the investigators you are looking at can do the job you want done. This means the same guy might not be right to investigate overseas to lower your investment risk as someone you would hire to see if a significant other is having an affair. Many people can follow their spouses locally and track credit card receipts but looking into possible investors or investigating fraud in a country thousands of miles away or weeding out potential adoption schemes on foreign land, plus many other things, may not be something you can take on yourself.

Location: Nothing can be more frustrating than selecting a company in the United States only to find they don’t have a source in the country you need them in at that moment. International flights can take time and create missed opportunities. Do not hire a company unless you are sure it can accommodate your case and international investigation needs, discreetly and confidentially.   If the company does not have highly trained investigators on the ground in the country where you need them, you better keep looking!

Payment: Make sure the company offers secure payment options. If you are paying online, verify that the information will be encoded for protection. Always pay with a credit card or via a secure account. If something goes wrong, you don’t want your bank account information compromised. A credit card can easily, within minutes, be cancelled. A bank account could have pending payments and therefore not be as easy to prevent or cancel fraud.  Western Union or PayPal only is a red flag.

Experience: Check that the investigator or company has all of the proper licenses to do the work they are completing. Each country and jurisdiction is different, so be sure the company has a good reputation and that the investigators are not only knowledgeable about the local market, but also know the laws. Find out how long the company has been in the business. Don’t be a guinea pig. Do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions and references. Private investigators should be bonded and insured.

Contract: Put the details of your payments and the services being requested in writing. Make sure the contract is dated and signed. Include the reason the investigator was hired. The contract or email proposal should state explicitly what will be done, and the turnaround time to complete your case. Make sure all parties have a copy.  Most reputable companies like Wymoo International will request payment via a secure website using a credit or debit card, and expert investigators can get started on your case right away.

Check the company website to see if the company is legitimate and secure.  Does the website display trust seals such as the Better Business Bureau, McAfee and Truste?  Wymoo® has an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau and follows a strict privacy policy with the Truste verification.  If you are providing sensitive and confidential information, you better be dealing with someone you can trust!

If a situation is important and you are hiring an international private investigator, you at least want to make sure it is done right.  You need clear evidence so you can make an informed decision.  This is not the time to be frugal or picky. Get the best you can afford since this is a priority to your well-being or the security of your company.  Investigations are serious business, go with a professional.

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