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International Investigators Help Lower Investment Risk

International Investigators Help Lower Investment Risk

With economic and investment opportunities still grim in most countries, asset managers and individuals are seeking out more international investigations.  CEO’s are looking abroad for new ways to lower expenses or add to the bottom line.  The whole world has gone global and finding a profitable opportunity is now on a global playing field.  Companies in New York seek out suppliers in India and China and Africa.  Investors seek out new stocks in South Africa, Asia or Europe and elsewhere.  With this new international world comes new risk.  With different languages and cultures and transparency, business deals and investments are harder to verify.  International investigators are helping clients minimize the increase risk when looking overseas.

Learning from your mistakes is a powerful teacher, and a valuable tool when investing internationally.  Many managers and investors have made a bad investment when buying foreign companies or stocks, or teaming up with a foreign business partner.  The risk is significant and growing.  Law enforcement and international private investigators urge investors to be skeptical and verify all new contacts, investment opportunities and companies in other countries.  Ignoring the risk can lead to costly mistakes, negative publicity and even bankruptcy.

In the U.S. alone, over 600,000 small businesses file for bankruptcy every year because of the bad economy, but many also end up closing doors because of bad investments.  The corporate world is subject to the same risks.  Fake companies are now registered by the thousands in Malaysia and China and West Africa.  Think you’re safe because you checked a business registration in a third world country and met with the manager?  Think again.  Think there is no way a fake company could be registered and have an impressive website and knowledgeable spokesperson? Think again.  The risk for fraud is higher than ever, and international due diligence is key.

High tax rate in the U.S. has made small businesses look for other markets outside the country.  Corporate managers and CEO’s are doing the same.  With higher taxes, bigger government and increased healthcare costs in the United States, many companies have no choice but to leave the U.S. or seek profitable opportunities abroad.  Experienced private investigator says it’s essential for business managers to work with a reputable investigation company to conduct due diligence to minimize the risk when investing abroad.  Companies, investments, business deals and representatives should be verified by an experienced and trained professional.

Wymoo® has investigators on the ground in over 100 countries.  We specialize in international due diligence and our investigators are in the local cities and countries where you need them.  We verify representatives and companies, obtain the evidence on business registration, reputation, offices and physical locations, verify operations and employees, identify risk factors, and we screen cases for fraud and scam.  Our team speaks the language and sheds light on your potential investment so you can make an informed decision.

Be safe and verify,

C. Wright
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