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How to Choose a Professional Background Check Provider

How to Choose a Professional Background Check Provider

Professional background checks are a major necessity in today’s world, and they are certainly not many providers who can get the task done, especially when it comes to international background checks. A simple internet search will show thousands of results of companies and individuals offering so-called background checks, but you need to choose your provider or investigators carefully, as many companies and websites offering the services are scams themselves.  Others claim to offer background check investigations, but have no investigators!  Some websites offer international service, but have no one working overseas!  Professional background checks are real investigations conducted by highly trained investigators.  Don’t be fooled by an imitation.  Verify correctly the first time.


Wymoo international investigators have summarized some of the most important things that you will need to consider in your search for a professional background check service.

  1. Know your investigation needs

The first thing that as a company or as an individual you will have to face is what exactly are you looking for. There are many things that can be investigated in a background check. Some people may require verifying identity, marriage records, or criminal records, or employment history, character, financial records, education history, verification of documents, passports and IDs, and so on.  Some cases will require international coverage, others will be domestic.  Background checks can vary a lot depending on the information and evidence needs that you have, and this defines the goals of the investigation. Find a provider that is flexible and properly equipped, with trained investigators.  A professional investigation firm that can customize the investigation according to your needs is key. Otherwise, you will be stuck with predefined information that may not fit your expectations or your needs.

  1. Find a firm that can cover the region where you need investigation

As we mentioned before, there are thousands of offers of background checks on the internet, but can they conduct a professional background checks in China, Russia, the Middle East or Africa? Many of the companies offering background checks are based in the United States and offer only database search results from official public databases.  Needless to say, they are unreliable and you get what you pay for.  Trying to verify a person or company overseas by using a database search in the U.S. is negligent and reckless.  You will need a professional on the ground who knows the language and laws. Being in the right place and having the expertise makes all the difference. Uncovering fraud and mitigating risk requires training  and professional skills, with investigators where you need them!

  1. Check references and reputation

The internet is full of fake reviews, we know! But overall a company that has a bad reputation for providing poor services will not be able to hide it from the web. People speak out mostly when they had a bad experience, and background check services are not an exception. Look around the internet and check the good and bad reviews and references. The Better Business Bureau is a good reference to start with.  Wymoo® for example has an A+ Rating and many positive reviews.  Knowing other people´s opinions about a provider helps you get a better idea of the issues you may find along the way with this particular provider. The quality of the information delivered is number one, but customer service is important as well.  Go with a reputable brand and a company you can trust.

  1. Make sure your data will be safe

Look for a background check or international private investigation provider that can ensure that the information you provide will remain confidential and safe. Check if the company has any seals that certify privacy and security, like Truste or McAfee. Professional background checks require discretion and confidentiality, make sure your provider respects that in every communication you have with them.  At Wymoo and our subsidiaries, all services are discreet and confidential.

Do you need to verify an individual or company overseas?  Contact us today for a free and confidential quote.  We will review your case and provide a solution based on your needs.

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