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Fraud Watch: Turkey Online Crime and Scam Cases Escalating

Fraud Watch:  Turkey Online Crime and Scam Cases Escalating

Online crime rates can sometimes be seen as a reflection of the economic behavior of a country, the political crisis and armed conflicts within it. Just a few of years ago, Turkey was the example of success with a flourishing economy. As reported by the World Bank, during the early 2000’s Turkey had macroeconomic and fiscal stability, the employment rates and the average income had been increasing since 2002 and the poverty incidence had decreased significantly. However, the deteriorating geopolitical environment and poor government leadership in the past few years has negatively impacted the country, affecting exports, investment, and consequently growth.

The influx of more than 3 million Syrian refugees since 2011 (particularly massive during 2016 and 2017) has created new social, economic, and political demands,  especially in urban centers where most refugees have settled. There is no easy way to support such a massive amount of refugees, to offer them housing, to  feed them, take care of their health, prevent the spread of diseases, employ them, etc.   Doing all this while protecting the citizens of the country and not negatively impacting them through social problems and higher taxes is even more challenging.  The impact on the host society is gigantic and the solutions to the problem may be disappointing. Even with the help of the rest of the European Union, Turkey is still struggling with thousands of homeless people in the streets of their cities.  Many opportunities for foreign private investment are vanishing, tourism has been greatly affected and this has decreased the quality of life of Turkish people.

Not so long ago, prosperity was a dream come true. Today, the negative effects of the political and migration crisis have had a direct impact in crime rates.  Internet fraud and online crime escalated to figures previously unseen to private investigators. While private investigators in Istanbul used to work more in cases related to due diligence for investment and business development, the landscape now is completely different.  Online romance and tourism scams have become a significant problem in the country, and there is no foreseeable solution.  Fraud and scams are rising fast.

How to avoid being a victim

Online scammers have a lot of experience tricking people into doing what they want.  They know the game, so they know how to lure their victims into sending money, cashing a check for them, investing in some kind of fake stock, etc.  In many cases, no money takes place, but rather it is your information and identity criminals are after.  Just by communicating with an online criminal you can provide access to your personal data, online accounts and passwords, as well as files on your computer.  The possibilities of getting people trapped in their lies are endless.  Focusing on whether the story seems legit or not is probably not going to help you avoid being a victim, and it will only make you lose time. Instead, be skeptical and contact a professional investigator in Turkey for advice.

A thorough background check investigation will provide the evidence you need. If you are dating online with someone from Turkey, or in Turkey, get a reputable dating background check service.  If you are traveling to Turkey or want to buy something or do business, a company background check will help.  The information that a professional investigator can provide will be extremely useful to determine whether or not you are dealing with real people and reputable companies, or whether someone is trying to scam you. Timing is of the essence, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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