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Turkey Background Check Investigations Revealing Fraudsters

Turkey Background Check Investigations Revealing Fraudsters

The growth in the demand of background check investigations in Turkey is a clear reflection of the increased online crime statistics in this country. Wymoo private investigators in Turkey have seen an alarming amount of cases of fraud and romance scam originating from Istanbul, Ankara and other parts of Turkey in the past few months.  Istanbul investigators are working overtime.

“We are receiving a significant number of requests every day from people who are wondering if the person they met online – who claims to be currently in Turkey –  is actually who they claim to be,” says John Wallace, Director of International Background Checks at Wymoo. Given this situation it is extremely important to be skeptical and verify any relationship coming from this country.

Watch out for the red flags!

Our investigators insist on being skeptical and verifying every online relationship, regardless of whether the subject has provided evidence of their identity or not, the nature of the relationship (romantic, friendship or business), or any other circumstance. Professional background checks provide clear evidence that is key to being safe, so you can make an informed decision.

Ideally, people should hire a trained and local investigator in Istanbul, or a company with investigators in Turkey such as Wymoo International to conduct the background check investigation.  Some people wait until there is a good reason to invest in a private investigation. The reason may be a red flag, or getting too fond of this person and wanting to be sure before taking any steps further.  Investigating early in the relationship is key to staying safe, and experts warn don’t wait until the damage is done.

For those who are involved in a love relationship with someone from Turkey or claiming to be currently in the country, it is important to be aware of some of the most common red flags:

  • Claims of being unable to access their personal funds.
  • Loan requests that are promised to be paid in full once they return to their home country.
  • Military service men and women requesting some kind of financial assistance.
  • Travel not possible or the foreigner is currently stuck in Turkey.

Don’t be a victim of scam or fraud

Online scammers have a lot of experience tricking people into doing what they want.  They know their game too well, so they know how to lure victims into sending funds, cashing a check for them, investing in some kind of fake stock, etc. The possibilities of getting trapped in their lies are endless.  Do not focus on whether the story seems legit or not.  This will not help you avoid being a victim, and it will only make you lose time. Instead, consider an online dating verification as soon as possible.

The more people understand that professional background checks are an efficient way to reveal the fraudsters and avoid being their victims, the more we all contribute to stop them. Cutting their profits is the best way to stop online crime and help other potential victims.

Contact us for a free investigation quote if you met someone in Turkey.  We can help.

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