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Fraud Alert: Malaysia, Dubai UAE and South Africa

Fraud Alert: Malaysia, Dubai UAE and South Africa

Fraud is not something that is isolated to one area of the world – there are scammers in every country and corner of the globe. But, there are certainly some places that tend to have higher rates of fraudulent activity though. You’ve probably heard of scams out of Nigeria or Ghana, but what about Malaysia? Or South Africa? Or even the United Arab Emirates?  Private investigators in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Johannesburg warn that these are now booming markets for fraud, scams and online crime.

Take a look at three regions of the world that people may not necessarily associate with fraud, and ones that could take advantage of your lack of knowledge by scamming you.  Even the most cautious and skeptical people can be a victim, as internet criminals are increasingly using sophisticated scam techniques that are both difficult to detect, and hard to avoid.  In many cases, it requires the skills, training and resources of a professional private investigator to separate fact from fiction.  With investigators on the ground in each of these countries, the Wymoo team has a unique insight into the problem and risk.  Take a look at the fraud that has become a major threat, and how investigators can prevent it.

United Arab Emirates
In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, many financial investments take place. This thriving area is filled with people from all around the world, from blue collared to white collared. People often associate Dubai with glamor and affluence, but there is also a dark side and criminals prey on its sparkling reputation to get away with scams. Dubai investigators say a popular Dubai-based scam centers on finding a job. Companies posing as job placement businesses will ask for personal information in the way of resumes, and then charge you to send out your information on your behalf. The problem? The resumes are never sent and the companies they claim to be hiring are non-existent. While doing business in Dubai is best to verify the accuracy of information of companies, people, and webpages.  Speak to a professional about international due diligence before investing.

South Africa
Although South Africa is the most developed country of Africa, fraud still exists. It has been moved to a moderate risk country, but it is still advised to be careful when completing any type of transaction and attempting online dating. Like its African counterparts like Nigeria and Ghana, South Africa has complex scams that target businesses and individuals in the country, as well as online dating and gold scams.  Investigators in Johannesburg say the risk for fraud and online scams from South Africa remains high despite recent progress to shut down these criminal operations.

South Africa has also been reported for many online dating scams, including fake profiles of people who get close to victims then ask for cash for a variety of reasons (emergencies, money for travel, wedding plans). When dating or communicating with someone online who is from South Africa (or claims to be), hire an investigation company to vet his or her existence and the truth in claims.

In Malaysia, a high risk country, the most common type of fraud takes place on the Internet. In Kuala Lumpur, the Embassy of the United States in Malaysia warns people in America against sending cash to any person claiming to be an American in Malaysia. Common scams include asking for money to return to the States, or the scammer saying that he or she was robbed and has no way to get home. It is recommended to check out the resource before committing to any type of transaction or person.  Business fraud and investment scams are also growing.

Another common type of scam is financial theft through fake businesses. A Malaysian-based travel company claimed to have awards for 55 people in New Zealand who ended up being scammed. This so-called company claimed they needed the winners to pay legal fees, local taxes, and other before they could get their prizes. One of the female victims lost $18,000 in this scam, and decided to make it public in order to educate others about these types of fraud that happen.  The scams targeting individuals and companies are endless, and once the word is out about one red flag or technique, make no mistake criminals quickly change their strategy.  Con artists in Malaysia are creative, say investigators in Kuala Lumpur, so don’t think that you’re too careful, or that it couldn’t happen to you.  The truth is, it can happen to anyone.

With the evolution of the internet and the amount of virtual interaction people have these days, it is a good idea to check out if the person or resource is the real deal before ever sending any money. If you do not have the funds to travel overseas and check it out for yourself, hire an international investigation team to do the legwork. Remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Have you met someone from one of these countries?  Are you considering doing business or hiring someone from one of these countries?  Speak to one of our professional investigators today about our verification services to minimize your risk!

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