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High Fraud Risk in Malaysia, Dubai, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine

High Fraud Risk in Malaysia, Dubai, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine

Fraud runs rampant in online personal and business relationships all over the world. However, the rates of online fraud vary from one place to another and from one moment in time to another. International private investigators have a closer look at the trends in fraud and the behavior of scammers.

Recently, online fraud cases originating in Malaysia, Dubai, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine have increased compared to previous years. In the past, West African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria were the main concern, but scam cases seem to be shifting to new destinations.

There are several reasons why fraudsters move from one place to another. This includes lack of regulations in a country, corrupt authorities that can be bribed, easier ways to receive and disguise money, and particular strengths of the country that can be an advantage.  Also fueling the rise and fall in online criminals is the economy.  In a strong economy, people find jobs and scamming activity drops.  In a bad economy where poverty is high, with limited opportunity, many unethical people turn to scamming and online fraud to pay the bills.  Simply put, poor countries have more crime.

Each country has its own particularities, so it is important to be aware of the red flags.

Malaysia scams

Malaysia has been a high risk country for a number of years. The online fraud problem concerns not only romance scams, but also employment fraud, identity theft and investment scams. Forgery is a skill that Malaysian scammers have mastered, so fraud can be very difficult to spot. Criminals in Malaysia have resources to produce fake documents with a great quality. You can expect fake degrees and forged passport or IDs to be part of the trick. Verifying directly at the source of the information (school, employer, embassy, etc) is critical in Malaysian cases.  For any country, if you are hiring internationally, it is critical to verify the applicant with an international employment background check.

Dubai, the city of wealth

Expert investigators in the United Arab Emirates have noticed a common thread in online fraud cases that originate in Dubai. Dubai is globally known for its luxury and the wealth of the people who can afford living there. Even if it seems contradictory, success is a perfect bait for scammers to attract foreign women. Criminals (mostly poor immigrants who come to Dubai seeking opportunity) will describe themselves as successful businessmen, and once they have gained the trust of their victim, they try to scam them one way or another. Some common cases are requests for money to solve a temporary financial issue, or an investment opportunity. Before going ahead with any investment or help, verify that the person you’re dealing with is someone that can be trusted. A background check in Dubai will provide information on the identity and the past of the subject.

Romanian and Ukraine romance fraud

Eastern Europe countries are well known for the beauty of its people. For Romania and Ukraine scammers, love fraud is an extremely profitable business because foreigners tend to have a preference for women from these countries. Another important particularity in Romania and Ukraine is that online criminals are tech savvy and very good hackers, so gaining access to their victims private and banking data is easy for them. Being extremely careful with the information you share is fundamental in these cases. Keep yourself as anonymous as possible and hire a professional who can conduct an online dating verification. In high risk countries, prevention is key.  Protect your privacy and verify.

Turkey fraudsters are going for the crown

The cases of online fraud have increased so much recently in Turkey that it might become the top risk country in the world if the trend continues. The massive immigration and many other political and economic issues might be pushing people to look for new ways to make a living, legal or not. There is no certainty of what is causing such an increase, but what is sure is that if you meet someone claiming to be from Istanbul or currently working there, the best option is to hire a local private investigator in Istanbul to verify and obtain clear evidence as soon as possible! Be safe and contact us.

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