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How to Choose an International Private Investigator

How to Choose an International Private Investigator

For some organizations and people, hiring an international private investigator is a relatively new practice that derives from having relationships overseas and specifically from the need to stay safe in these relationships. Whether it is a business or a personal matter, having the right information before committing to anything important for your life or company is a key to success and to avoid unnecessary trouble.  Having clear evidence and knowing the facts early can save you from serious problems.

Many of the people looking for the services of a professional investigator in a foreign country may have had a history of hiring background check services or other private investigations on a domestic level, but the truth is that the nature of human relationships is evolving to a global scale: traditional dating is outgrown by online dating, business is every day more complex with the participation of many parties from many different countries. It is hard to stay safe when checking out for yourself is not a possibility, but the good news is that international private investigators have this covered for you!  But, finding the right investigator for you in a foreign country is no easy task.  In some cases, they might not even speak your language or be reputable or be properly trained.

How to choose an international private investigation company?

Let´s be realistic. There is a reason why you need to check someone out and this is because you want to stay safe. Private investigations should be considered as preventive measure to avoid the risks involved with any new deal you are pursuing or any new bond you want to create. But for many the question is: How do I know the firm I´m hiring will investigate my case properly and in a confidential manner?  Good question!

You will have to do some research before hiring an international private investigator or private investigation firm. The first thing you should be checking is if there are any signs of good practices. For example, having certifications or accreditations that ensure your information will be confidential and safe. In order to conduct a private investigation, even if it is a pre-employment screening, you will need to provide the investigators with the data that you already have. Usually there is personal information involved, like names and dates of birth, and sometimes this information can be as detailed as personal communications like email conversations. One very important thing is that you want to make sure that the data you provide will be safe and will continue to be private. Check for certifications that guarantee privacy like the Truste seal, or those that certify good business practices like the Better Business Bureau.  Wymoo is both verified by Truste and has an A+ Rating with the BBB.

Another important thing to look for is reputation. No one can hide from the Internet, and a lot of useful information can be found with a simple review search. It is true that reviews may be manipulated sometimes, but even in those cases bad reviews will continue to exist. If you find a lot of people who describe having a bad experience with an international private investigation firm, the best is to be careful and check for other options. A reputable company will stand apart from the others for having positive reviews and little to no complaints. This basically reflects quality of service.

Media exposure is also a good sign. A good international investigation firm will have articles featured in other websites, newspapers or magazines. Media exposure means others were willing to feature their stories or trust them as a source of information.

International private investigators need to be in the ground in the country where you need them. Choosing a domestic firm that will conduct an investigation from your home country through the internet is not the best option. In fact, it is reckless and negligent!  Make sure you are hiring a company that is capable of gathering the evidence you need.  If you need to verify a person or company in Russia or the Philippines, you will need someone on the ground in Moscow or Manila who speaks the language and has access to local records, for example.

It takes a professional on the ground to uncover the evidence you need. Someone who knows the language and the country´s laws, the administration offices, the national procedures and the country´s general environment, and of course who is properly trained. Someone who can go directly to the sources to find the information that you are looking for, whether it is an employment history verification, due diligence or a dating background check. This investigators needs to be able to find relevant and accurate information, and most of the times it can only be found locally.

And last but not least, experience is crucial. How long has the firm been in business? Do the investigators have experience in law enforcement or legal experience? Any positive testimonials published?  Get in touch with the potential providers and ask the questions!

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