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Get Paid with Wymoo® Client Referral Program

Get Paid with Wymoo® Client Referral Program

Wymoo International has been leading the international investigation and professional background check industry since the firm entered the market in 2006.  Business and individual clients around the world rely on Wymoo® for discreet services such as dating background checks, asset searches, due diligence, employment background checks, surveillance and international investigations.  We lower the risk for our clients by verifying individuals and companies.  Now, we want to save you money!  Much of our growth has come from referrals.  It’s time our clients get paid for referrals!

Now when you refer a friend or business who becomes a new Wymoo paying client, you can earn a $100 to $200 bonus for every new client who becomes a new Wymoo International client.

Wymoo Referral Program

For referring an individual, you will earn $100 for each individual who becomes a new Wymoo client.  If you refer a business to us, your bonus will be $200 for each business who becomes a client!

Our Way of Saying Thanks!

Much of our business and growth has come from client referrals.  Now, we want to reward those of you who help spread the word about our company.  This is our way of saying thanks!

How Does it Work?

It’s simple.  You will receive your cash reward in the form of credit on your existing account.  This credit can be used towards any current or future case with Wymoo International.  Simply let us know who you referred to us, and we will email you your credit amount if your referral becomes a paying customer.  You can make up to 20 referrals in any given calendar year!  This credit can be used just like cash towards any investigation or professional background check service, in over 100 countries.

Cashing In on Referrals

If you refer 20 individuals to Wymoo in 1 year who become paying clients, you can earn $2000.  If you refer 20 businesses to Wymoo in 1 year who become paying clients, you can earn $4000 in credit to your account, saving you or your company cash.  That adds up to serious savings!

Your account must be in good standing and you will not be notified if your referral does not become a paying client.  If your referral becomes a paying client, you will receive an email notification within 30 days showing the credit to your account.  This credit cannot be redeemed for physical cash or financial payment, but can only be used towards future investigation services.

What About the Fine Print?

No tricks, no gimmicks.  Simply refer a friend to Wymoo® and let us know about it.  If that individual or business pays, we will email you  your new credit balance within 30 days.  You can then use the credit towards any future Wymoo service, and it is valid for 1 year from the time you receive it.

Ask your friend to contact us directly or submit a Free Quote.

The more referrals you make, the more you save!

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