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Wymoo International Earns A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau

Wymoo International Earns A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA (December 5, 2014) – Wymoo International, the professional private investigation and international background check firm based in Florida, is pleased to announce an updated rating from the Better Business Bureau.  The U.S. Better Business Bureau has rated Wymoo®  with the highest possible rating as a trusted business in the private investigation industry.  The BBB is an organization that has been watching out for consumers for more than 100 years, by recommending the businesses, brands and charities that have the best business practices and highest level of customer service.  This rating reflects on the company’s high standards of ethics and transparency, as well as our emphasis on superior client service.

For the company, being accredited by the BBB and having the honor to be rated with an A+ is a great reward for all the efforts that the team makes every day to better serve its clients. Since the early days of Wymoo® International, our private investigators have been providing global clients with timely and reliable information, so our clients can in turn make informed personal and business decisions.  By delivering clear evidence, Wymoo enables clients to minimize their risk from fraud and scams.

Confidential and discreet services at the firm include international employment screening, background check investigations, international due diligence, private investigations and surveillance.  The BBB A+ Rating is a clear sign of Wymoo’s commitment to quality.

The international private investigation firm has been in business since 2006 and works with clients around the world.   Wymoo has been featured in countless media outlets such as Fox News, NBC, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and others for our work in protecting clients from bad hires, false companies and internet scams.  One of the greatest differentiating factors that has played a key role for the company is the customization of the investigation and verification services provided, which includes company verifications, asset searches and dating background checks.  “We understand clients have different needs for evidence and different risks, and that is something that can never be addressed with a database.  For those serious about getting the facts, there is no substitute for highly trained investigators.”, says David Wilkerson, Vice President.

The company has recently released a commercial that highlights its global coverage and full range of investigation services.  The commercial has helped to increase brand recognition and can been seen on major TV networks in the U.S., Australia, U.K. and Canada

The fact that our investigations are far from automated, and are instead conducted by highly trained professionals –on the ground in the country where you need them – has proven a key to the company’s success.  Since the company began operations in 2006, Wymoo International has become a major player in the investigation and background check industry, and continues to gain market share over competitors.

Franchises and global corporations have become a key part of Wymoo´s growth, and companies continue to expand overseas into developing countries in markets, where the risk for fraud and scams is high.  Verifying international employment candidates and potential business partners, or franchisee applicants, is important due diligence to those companies who want to expand successfully and safely.

With internet crime and online fraud spiraling out of control, more clients rely on discreet investigation services to verify individuals who they met online.  Online dating and social networks are thriving, and Wymoo International has become a trusted provider for those who need a reliable dating background check.  The BBB A+ Rating is a testimony to the trust that clients and the public have in the company to perform these discreet services with a high degree of client satisfaction.   Our goal is to protect our clients and help them make informed decisions.

The A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is a great motivation to continue with the hard work and the high ethical standards that have served our company and our clients since it was created.   Wymoo is soon to celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary, and it is rewarding for the entire team to know the company’s efforts are being recognized by major media and organizations such as the BBB.

Wymoo has worked hard to educate the public on the risk for fraud and scams, and become a global leader in professional investigation services.  We are thankful to our thousands of clients over the years who have relied on our trusted professionals to deliver clear evidence and answers.   We know that trust is hard-earned, and our goal is to continue to be the best and deliver best results, one client and case at a time.

To learn more about Wymoo professional investigations and background checks, contact us or get a free quote.

All services are discreet and confidential.

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