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UK Companies Hiring International Staff Need A Verification Plan

UK Companies Hiring International Staff Need A Verification Plan

The United Kingdom is currently one of the countries with greater international hiring and remote working opportunities. According to a recent study,  56% of the U.K. companies that have moved to a remote or hybrid business model hire internationally.

In many workplaces, international teams have emerged as a new norm. Given that technology permits a large percentage of hassle-free remote work and that the global work market increases the talent pool, companies can hire the best individuals wherever they are based in the world. This has changed lives and challenged the ideas about where talent should be based. Because of this, more employers are seeing the benefits that hiring people from abroad may have on their workforce, including increased staff retention, satisfaction, and productivity. Companies that allow remote work also have more financial flexibility and a greater interest from job candidates looking for better work-life balance.

Private investigators in the U.K. say that the talent shortage has also pushed companies to seek talent overseas and to get better prepared for remote working. Businesses are embracing technology for remote and hybrid working at an unprecedented rate. Employers are attempting to retain a strong corporate culture and make sure that international team members feel welcomed into their larger team. These new team members need opportunities to collaborate and socialize with their colleagues despite working from different locations as it is not enough to only concentrate on their production.

How to deal with international employment screenings?

As more companies jump on-board with the international hiring trend, a serious question is how to verify these candidates? Employers in the U.K. currently hiring overseas or considering hiring overseas need to set up a robust and consistent employment screening process for international hires. It is one thing to verify employment candidates in the same country where the company operates, as recruiters are well aware of the domestic regulations, entities and procedures. But it is an entirely different thing to attempt an international background check without the necessary resources.

International background check investigations require professional expertise, experience and resources of an investigator in the country or countries involved.

Compare professional background check services and prices to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Boots on the ground and professionals who have access to the information sources are a must, as many verifications cannot be done online.  This is especially true in developing countries.  There is no way to properly verify someone from the other side of the planet, where language, culture, legal and recording procedures are different.  The internet is great, but it can’t help you get real and meaningful evidence on someone from Uganda or China. To do this, you need trained investigators in those countries.

Also keep in mind that it is important to obtain all relevant information from the candidate as well as the corresponding authorization from them when needed. This is to be certain that the investigation includes all possible verifications, such as identity checks, birth records, education and employment claims, immigration information, passport verification, references, and other relevant information. Remember that the more information you can give your investigation team to help them with your case, the more they will be able to verify and investigate, lowering your risk.  Need a quote?  We can help!

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