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Surveillance and Background Checks Explained

Surveillance and Background Checks Explained

Over the years, investigators and the world has witnessed the trend of globalization, the internet and the corresponding rise in online or internet relationships.  These days, everyone is meeting someone over the internet.  It is a new way of life.  With this new way of life, come new unknowns.  When you meet someone face to face, as people have been doing for thousands and thousands of year, you get a better feel for whom you’re dealing with.  When you meet someone on a website, you have no idea.  Photos, profiles and even websites and supporting documentation such as passports and contracts are easily faked.  Verifying online relationships often requires a trained professional investigator to determine if the subject is real.

In other cases, you might have met a real person online, but the person lives in another country.  Maybe a romantic or serious relationship has developed, but you have no idea what is going on while you are on another continent.  Does the subject’s office really exist?  Or is your online romance truly single as he or she claims?  What does his home look like?  What are his daily activities or who is she seeing on the weekend?  These are questions that clients often have, and getting these answers often requires discreet surveillance.

Background checks are comprehensive background check investigations conducted by trained investigators in the country or countries where you need them.  It is essential that investigators or investigation companies have offices or field investigators on the ground in the countries where you are investigating.  There is simply no other way to properly screen the case for fraud and verify.  Such background checks set out to verify if a person is who he or she claims to be, screen the case for fraud, and verify known information which may include travel records, passport or visa samples, documentation, address, marriage and criminal records, etc.

Surveillance services are required when clients know the person they are dealing with exists, but have doubts about his or her activity or specific claims.  Surveillance is usually conducted after a due diligence or background check has confirmed the subject’s identity and location.  Surveillance can provide you with evidence of a subject’s living situation, relationships, daily activity, assets and character, background, family information, and discreet informant testimony.  Most importantly, surveillance should provide high quality time-date stamp photos.

Determining which services is right for you depends on your specific case, and your need for evidence, as well as the specific risks involved.  A professional private investigator can review your case and provide a proper investigative solution to minimize your risk, and get the evidence you need.

As always, all services should be strictly confidential and discreet.

Best safe and verify,

C. Wright
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