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South African Background Checks Help Verify Companies and People

South African Background Checks Help Verify Companies and People

Have you been dealing with a South African company or individual? If you have, it is important to verify where are you standing, as cases of fraud (both personal and business related) are a high risk.

South Africa is Africa’s second largest economy. The mining industry, agriculture and manufacturing have been the main means of economic growth for this country, but mining is definitely the one that stands out the most. The demand for manganese ore, chrome, iron ore, diamonds, gold and also anything used in the production of steel has helped spur the growth of the country, but it has also been a fertile ground for scammers to deceive other people and foreign investors.

It was recently announced that South Africa would enter its second recession since President Cyril Ramaphosa took office. Despite the support that Ramaphosa received when becoming president and the good omens of the international community after the corruption scandals of his predecessor, the economy has not behaved like people were expecting. Massive power cuts have affected deeply the country’s production capacity, while they are still struggling with soaring unemployment, high rates of violent crime and patchy delivery of basic services. And although all this seems like a story only South Africans have to live with, it is not.

Private investigators in South Africa have also witnessed an increase of cases of fraud and scam that are related to the situation the country is going through. On one hand, the scarce employment opportunities push many people to the dark side. Joining criminal gangs is easier every day and it brings an income into the household. Other countries, including Nigeria (largest economy in all the African continent) still have big problems dealing with romance scammers and advanced-fee fraud even after being able to grow their economies and lower unemployment rates. Increasing criminality is the first sign of a damaged economy, and it takes a very long time to recover.

On the other hand, the current situation with power cuts and political tension has created a complex business environment. Scammers love fishing in troubled waters. All the confusion is being used to dupe business people with legitimate interest to invest or buy products in South Africa. It is not easy to untangle corruption networks, political opposition and adverse environment and climate challenges at the same time, and criminals know that this is favorable for them.

The key to be safe in any South African deal? Background checks!

The large majority of people affected by romance and business scams are not South Africans, but foreigners who are legitimately interested in an individual or company in South Africa. Background check investigations in South Africa have become mandatory in any personal or business relationship.

Local investigators in Pretoria and Cape Town have access to the sources of information, and can provide the necessary evidence to know whether you want to continue pursuing the relationship or not. There are many things that can go wrong with an international relationship, but the risks are greatly reduced when people seek for help to obtain evidence instead of trusting in instincts. Information is power, and it can lead to wiser decision making.

If you are communicating with someone from South Africa, make sure you hire a professional background check to confirm they are who they claim to be. Taking a wrong step could be fatal and result in endless headache and financial losses. Contact us for a free investigation quote.

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