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Russian Romance and Marriage Fraud in Moscow Target Foreigners

Russian Romance and Marriage Fraud in Moscow Target Foreigners

Romance and marriage fraud originated in Russia have been a constant threat to foreigners for years. There seems to be no end to this problem and it has increased exponentially with the current pandemic.  The world’s growing digital dependency has increased the vulnerability to cyberattacks, and this includes people’s dependency on the internet to meet new people and establish relationships.

The Covid-19  crisis has put extra weight on this problem. For one part, it gives Russian online scammers a perfect excuse to request financial assistance with claims of unemployment, or having to pay for medical or funeral expenses. The new travel bans have also created a geographical barrier that benefits the scammers. If the victim cannot travel to Russia to see what is really going on with their own eyes, the scammers have more possibilities. The lockdown restrictions in cities like Moscow have made things even worse.  According to a recent publication, Moscow remains at serious risk of infection and its coronavirus lockdown has been extended until May 31. With people remaining at home, many have lost their income and have to use other resources, like online fraud, to pay for their bills and eat. This means that the romance fraud workforce has increased from one day to the other.

Tips to stay safe with Russia relationships

Private investigators in Moscow know that online scammers are smart, they have experience and many resources. But there are things that criminals cannot fake, which is why you need to ask many questions. There are the essential pieces of information that anyone with an online relationship with a Russian should know, so make sure you have the below.

  1. A full name: No investigation can be started without a full name. If you have a romantic relationship the most basic piece of information is your partner’s name. If they do not want to provide it because of website policies, that is a major red flag. Some marriage websites prohibit the women to give out their names or contact information, but keep in mind there are other means other that the website. When there is a will, there is a way. A total denial is more a sign of people wanting to hide something.
  2. A date of birth: The combination of name and date of birth gives private investigators a lot of possibilities of searches within public government and media records. If the person you are talking to is real and honest, there should be records to support it.
  3. Any other detail is valuable: The more information you may have, the more that can be verified by a professional investigator in Russia. If you happen to have employment or education claims, an address, or documents, you will be providing more pieces of the puzzle. Keep in mind that the whole picture can be seen clearly with more pieces, so try to obtain as much as you can.

Once you have enough information, let the professionals sort it all out and uncover clear evidence for you. A dating background check investigation in Russia is the best way to avoid the fraudsters. Foreigners are a target of Russian romance scam for a good reason: they are away. The fact that they are not in Russia gives criminals a head start because the victim cannot see what is going on with their on eyes, they probably do not know the language, the procedures, the authorities or the culture, and not being aware of any of these things makes them an easy prey. However, local investigators know all of the above, and they can conduct the necessary verifications to provide the evidence you need.

Contact us for a free quote if you are involved in a romantic relationship with a Russian national, and need to know if your relationship is on the right track.  Don’t be a victim of fraud!

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