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Top 10 Reasons to Get a Dating Background Check

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Dating Background Check

There are countless success stories of online dates turned into marriage and many people enjoy the benefits of the Internet to find relationships.  Online dating has expanded the social circles of millions and makes it easy for people with common interests to find one another with little effort.  However, while many online daters have good intentions, others do not.  It’s important to get a dating background check to confirm the identity of potential dates before you meet in person. And, you don’t have to be a member of an online dating site to be “online dating”.  Many people use social media sites to meet their someone special, and criminals are now targeting victims on major social networks as well as online dating sites.  You never know who may be on the other side of the computer, so don’t be blind to the real dangers of online dating.

Here are ten reasons to get a background check on anyone you meet online.

  1. Avoid scammers. You may turn to the Internet to find true love online, but be wary of romance scams.  Once the scammer is confident you trust him, he may ask you for money to travel to meet you or for a sick family member.  However, the money will not be used for those things and chances are, the scammer will disappear and continue to ask for more cash from someone else. Make sure you never share your financial information or personal data with someone you met online — not only could you be dealing with a scammer, but a hacker could also find that information.  Don’t think that because the person hasn’t asked for money that you are safe – there are many ways to be a victim.  It’s best to verify the person, or not to share details.  Secrets you share online aren’t safe.
  2. Avoid someone who is already married. You don’t want to get involved with a person who claims he or she is single, but isn’t.  Through performing a background check, you can identify whether or not the person truly is single as he or she claims to be, or maybe living with someone.
  3. Avoid people with a criminal past. You probably don’t want to get involved with a criminal, or one who has a criminal history.  Background checks will identify people with past convictions.  Just remember, dating sites do their best to protect their users, but no dating site is 100 percent safe.
  4. Avoid convicted sex offenders. Sex offenders who have been convicted of the crime will be identified in a background check, if the subject is from a developed country. Especially if you have children at home, this is something you need to check out early if you meet the person.
  5. Find out if the person has declared bankruptcy. If you aren’t excited about dating a person with serious financial problems, you aren’t alone.  Of course this is not a deal-breaker – particularly if the person has come out ahead. Still, you should know what you might be facing financially. Dishonest daters are out there, so use caution as you get to know someone and don’t believe their every word.
  6. Confirm identity. When you date online, or head to a chat room, you really have no idea who you are conversing with.  Someone who claims to be a thirty-year-old single male living in California could actually be a middle-aged, married man living in another country.  Be careful who you chat with online and don’t share personal information until the subject has been verified.
  7. Avoid falling for a “fake” persona. A personal background check can help ensure the identity of whom you are getting to know over the Internet. Dating sites are full of genuine people who are seeking companionship – but it’s still important to proceed with caution and don’t fall for just anyone.  While most dating sites have rules to help avoid people being hurt emotionally, sometimes people still do create false identities and share pictures that aren’t actually of themselves.
  8. Protect your safety. Make sure you run a background check on someone before you meet him or her in person.  Other tips for safe and healthy online dating include only meeting in a well-lit, public place if you meet face-to-face and never giving out your street address.
  9. Avoid wasting your time. Instead of spending a lot of time on a potential partner and letting the relationship progress far, make sure you know whom you are talking with.  You don’t want to spend weeks or even months investing your time in what you believe is a relationship to find out the person you believe you are involved with is a fake or has been dishonest about finances or past.  If the subject claims to be a 35 year old lawyer or doctor working in London or New York, born in Italy, a business owner, and a graduate or a certain university, for example, investigators can verify this information. Find out what you need to know upfront and save yourself the time and heartache.
  10. Let yourself love without fear. When you know exactly who you are dealing with online, you can be free to let your emotions take over. Be able to experience the relationship without fear of being a victim.  Thousands of victims in countries around the world wish they would have known more, wish they would have had a professional background check.  Be safe!

By getting dating background checks from a reputable investigator, you can help verify whom you’re talking with and feel confident you are getting to know who you think you are getting to know.  While it doesn’t happen every single time, people often lie about their identities or the details of their lives.  Don’t let yourself become a victim to online dating fraud – consult a professional investigator.

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