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Private Investigators Assessment on Minimizing Risk for Business

Private Investigators Assessment on Minimizing Risk for Business

These days, no business or organization can live without reliable data. No matter the size of the business or the industry, even non-profit organizations are obliged to conduct thorough investigations before taking steps forward with any deal.   Avoiding due diligence is often a costly mistake.

Accurate information plays a key role in business development and investments. Without it there’s no way to measure the risks involved or the potential rewards.  The process of obtaining reliable data is not simple, but international private investigator companies specialize in the field and can help direct companies in the right way.  Finding clear evidence means better decision making.

First steps into International Company Verifications and Due Diligence

Businesses want clear answers to their questions. Does the company actually exist and is it legally registered?  Does the office truly exist?  Is it in good standing and compliant to the country’s legislation? Are they dealing with a legitimate company representative? A professional private investigation firm can definitely help answer those questions, but before starting an investigation it is important to establish a plan of action. What kind of investigation is the best option given the resources the company has? What type of information needs to be gathered from the subject (the investigated company) before getting started? What aspects need to be priority when conducting the investigation?

The assessment of a professional investigator in this first phase is important to optimize the investigation’s scope according to the resources and the goals they want to accomplish. Sometimes a company verification will suffice, especially in early stages of a new business deal. For example, a first contact of a new provider or a new application of a potential franchisee.  A deeper investigation in early stages may be too expensive and unnecessary, but it might be needed later on. International due diligence investigations will be needed to uncover evidence once the negotiations are more advanced. In this case, you might need information like references of clients, or company reputation from independent sources, media and court records, etc.  Other customized investigations like surveillance to verify company operations and office, or asset searches may be added as needed. The important thing to know is that the initial assessment of the investigation team is key to investigate what you need without spending more than necessary. This will help both the investigators and the business to have a clear plan.  Our professional investigators can review your case, assess your risk, and make a proposal that is best tailored to your situation and key to keeping you safe from fraud.

When to consider an investigation?

Countries like Russia, China, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria and Philippines are popular on international business and investment deals, but have also been listed as high-fraud risk countries. Company verifications and due diligence are necessary every single time a business is expanding or planning a new investment, but some extra precaution is needed when this new deal is happening in any of these countries. A local private investigator in Russia will uncover pertinent information that will point out if there is any unknown risk in your operations, partner or the investment that you’re considering. Wymoo has highly trained investigators in over 100 countries.  Investigators on the ground in the country of origin are the key to be able to access the information and find reliable data.

Keep in mind that risk management and smart business deals start with being able to obtain useful and precise information at the right time. Be safe. Get clear evidence so you can make the right decision.  When considering a new investment or new partnership, contact a professional.

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