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Ourtime Dating Scams Target Seniors Seeking Romance

Ourtime Dating Scams Target Seniors Seeking Romance

The online dating website Ourtime.com specializes in connecting seniors and people over the age of 50.  The dating site has witnessed significant growth in its number of users and subscribers, as the online dating industry in general continues to boom in popularity.  As seniors become more comfortable with modern technology such as iPhones, tablets and PCs, they have also been more inclined to try connecting in a new way when looking for a friend, romance or companionship.

According to the OurTime.com website, the company says “what people want in their 50s, 60s and beyond is often very different from what they wanted in their 30s and 40s, let alone their 20s. This online dating community focuses on the specific interests and desires of people like you.”

However, online dating is far from risk free, and many seniors are learning the hard way.  Internet criminals target seniors via online dating websites and social media, and no website is immune from fraud.  Ourtime.com can be especially prone to criminals who are targeting seniors, so users need to be aware of the risk for fraud and scams, and know how to protect themselves.

There are many media reports about romance scams, but victims often feel it won’t happen to them.  Private investigators say this carefree attitude or lack of knowledge about the warnings signs can lead to trouble.  Detectives say to share less online and always be skeptical and inform family members of the risk.  If not, the next scam report could be filed by you or someone you love.

Romance scams are a profitable business for criminals, and it is a growing industry.  In a recent case, a senior woman in Ontario, Canada lost $140k which was her life savings.  Media reports are frequent and because most criminals are based overseas in foreign countries, law enforcement can do little to stop them.  The websites such as Match.com, POF, Facebook or Ourtime, have no ability to verify all their thousands and millions of users.  It is up to the user to be safe.

Wymoo International private investigators have been warning about the risks for online dating scams and romance fraud for years.  Ourtime dating scams are a growing problem so verification and background check investigation services are more important than ever for senior dating.

How to stay safe in online dating?

Expert private investigators who specialize in verifying online dating contacts say the best tool is prevention, and the best form of prevention is a proper dating background check investigation.   A professional dating background check is a service conducted by real private investigators.  Wymoo® has highly trained investigators in over 100 countries to obtain clear evidence for clients, so clients can make an informed decision about who they’re communicating with.

Share less online.  The less you share online, the safer you and your family members are.  Avoid providing personal data such as your address, employer, date of birth, and so on.  Never send money to anyone you’ve never met in person.  If you suspect something may not be right, or even if you think everything is perfect, be smart and contact an investigator for a background check investigation.  Get piece of mind and don’t wait until it’s too late.  Investigators say many victims wait until the damage is done.  Proper verification at the beginning of the relationship is crucial to success.

Professional background check investigations conducted by international private investigators can verify any person or company in the world.  Such services often include verification of education and employment, ID and date of birth verification, passport and visa records, criminal, address and court records, marriage records, verification of any documents, and screening the case for fraud.

Are you a senior citizen or person over the age of 50 who has recently met someone online?  Have you connected with a new friend on social media or online dating?  Are you communicating with someone new on Ourtime, Plenty of Fish, Match.com, Tinder or Facebook?  Be smart and stay safe!  Remember the risks and don’t be a victim!  Have fun online and verify all new contacts.

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