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How Far Should Pre-Employment Screenings Go?

How Far Should Pre-Employment Screenings Go?

Pre-employment background check investigations are absolutely essential, and most human resources people are aware of this. However, it is hard to determine how much digging is acceptable, especially when the position to fulfill is one with great responsibilities or one that has to do with public safety or confidential information. What is clear is that comprehensive background check investigations are key to mitigating risk, and checking criminal records alone is not a verification or investigation.

The line between respecting and violating someone´s privacy may seem very thin sometimes. International investigators from Wymoo, who have been conducting employment background checks for a long time and have a lot of expertise in the matter, agree that there are limits. What is normal or acceptable in one country is not the same as in another country, not to mention each company and job role is unique and requires a different level or scrutiny and verification. What is important is that for each role you fill, you do so knowing the candidate you’ve selected is who he or she claims to be, and that the information contained in the CV, resume and application is true. Wymoo® investigators operate in over 100 countries and specialize in international background checks that are known in the industry to be the most comprehensive as legally possible.

The Do´s

It is clear that every business and organization wants to bring into their team only the top qualified applicants, those whose past and present is remarkable. But finding such employment candidates, potential contractors or business partners is no easy task. False resumes have become a major problem, and when hiring or investing internationally, the risk is even higher!

Employment screening processes should be thorough. Companies often focus on criminal and court records to determine whether or not someone is suitable for a position. But criminal and court records could be clean and yet the candidate may not be your best choice, or someone you can trust. Good employment screening processes include other important information, like identity verification and reference checking. Verifying beyond the information that the applicant provides in a resume or CV is critical. Trained professional investigators with access to local and government records go much further to minimize your risk. Wymoo investigators verify CV or resume, verify education and employment history, check criminal and court records, verify any ID or passport sample, check and obtain independent references, verify address and DOB, and screen the case for fraud.

Many employers now do a social media screening just to make sure the applicant fits the expectations in terms of values. Social media records may provide a good complement for the overall screening process, but should never replace true investigations by trained professionals.

The Don´ts

Sometimes professional private investigators have to deal with inquiries to tap phones, infiltrate emails or computers and the like. Such requests are clearly off the table. Violating the privacy of an individual, regardless of the position the person is trying to fulfill, is not only illegal but unethical. An employment background check provides the employer with information that can help them decide which candidate is appropriate, but by any means it does not give them the right to harass anyone.

International investigators such as Wymoo offer a standardized service for international cases so that clients and companies don’t have to worry about the laws and privacy expectations in each country or jurisdiction. Our local investigators, in over 100 countries, conduct comprehensive and discreet investigations and verifications in accordance with local laws where we operate.

No company wants to engage in a relationship with someone who has a troubled past or present. Letting a fraud or criminal into your organization can be easy to do when proper verifications are not in place. Getting that fraud or criminal out can be a major problem and costly.  Have clear evidence to make an informed hiring decision is critical. If you hire the wrong person for a sensitive role with access to company secrets or financial information, the hire could be bad enough to create serious financial damage or even lead to bankruptcy.  When hiring internationally, or hiring someone from a foreign country, remember there is an increased risk for fraud and scams. Be safe and speak to an investigator about your options.

Get Informed!

Every country has a different regulation concerning employment background checks, so businesses with operations in more than one country need to be informed about the legal limits. Or, companies need to go with a reputable investigation firm such as Wymoo with international offices and investigators on the ground worldwide, who conduct investigations in accordance with local laws. Violating local laws, even if taking place in another country, could lead to more serious problems down the road.

For instance, the recent Germanwings plane crash revealed how privacy on medical records is handled in Germany, but the protocols in other countries may differ. Hiring a firm with investigators on the ground, who know the law and how the process must be handled will help avoid any misinterpretations or mistakes that can lead to lawsuits and other consequences. All requirements must be thoroughly checked before even starting to make sure the process flows with no problems. Some countries request consent from the candidate in order to perform the background check. A professional investigator can advise you if a consent form is needed given your unique situation.

Employment screenings should not be a painful process for either one –employer or candidate. They should be discreet and confidential, and reduce the growing risk in hiring!  Hiring someone and need clear evidence? Get a free quote today.

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