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Mexico Background Checks and Investigations: Why You Need Them

Mexico Background Checks and Investigations: Why You Need Them

Private investigations can vary significantly from one country to another. As an international investigation firm that offers professional services in more than 100 countries, one of our main goals is to offer consistency in the quality of our investigations. However, this implies a great effort given the great differences in every country’s resources and structure.

Mexico is of special importance to many individuals and companies in the United States. According to statistics, nearly 11.2 million Mexican immigrants live in the United States currently, many of them illegally. This means that Mexican citizens make up a large part of the U.S. society: they work for American companies, they rent homes, they have personal and business relationships with American citizens, etc. But part of their history was left behind in Mexico, and sometimes it is necessary to go back and investigate it.   In other cases a U.S. based individual or company needs to verify someone residing in Mexico.  For these scenarios, private investigators based in Mexico can uncover evidence and reduce your risk.

Why you may need a private investigation in Mexico

Our expert private investigators in Mexico support clients in the verification of people and companies with whom they intend to establish business or personal relationships, or with whom there is a possible conflict or suspicion of foul play. Investigations in Mexico are needed for the same reasons that they are needed anywhere else: to identify potential risks, to uncover evidence that clarifies facts and to make timely and informed decisions.

For example, a background check investigation in Mexico can help employers verify the employment and education history of an applicant, it can help a homeowner make sure that a potential renter has no criminal records in their home country, it can help people check if the person they have been dating is in fact who they claim to be.

How to obtain reliable evidence in Mexico

Mexico does not have the same information resources than the U.S. or other developed countries. There is no national background check system or reliable database to obtain records. This is why hiring a professional investigator on the ground is so important. The federal criminal history of a Mexican citizen can only be obtained locally in Mexico City.

It is also better to have a Mexican investigator conduct verifications of employment, education, and business or personal references at the direct source of the information for several reasons. One is the language barrier, but also having a fellow Mexican conducting the search increases the chances of finding the most updated and reliable information because they know the right places to look at and the country laws. In general, previous employers or schools will be more inclined to provide the information to a national than to a foreigner.  In most cases, only a reputable private investigator in Mexico with contacts at the relevant government agencies can obtain reliable evidence such as birth and marriage records, criminal and court records, address, and verification of documents, identification and passport samples.

Keep your eyes open in online or long-distance relationships

Mexico is a big destination for online and long-distance relationships. Traveling is complicated these days, so if you cannot check things out for yourself, hire an international investigation team to do the legwork. We can be your eyes and ears on the ground in Mexico, even when traveling to Mexico is not safe.  Remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Contact a private investigator when you need the facts verified.

Have you met someone from Mexico?  Are you considering doing business or hiring someone from Mexico or Latin America?  Speak to one of our professional investigators today about our verification services to minimize your risk and stay safe!

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