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How to Find International Assets and Accounts

How to Find International Assets and Accounts

There are many reasons why people and business need to conduct international asset searches.  With over 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, love isn’t always forever. The longer a couple was married, the more likely their property has been combined like a bowl of sugar and salt where no one even knows what’s his and hers anymore. As things go downhill, both sides may start to hide assets. That’s where things get ugly.  But, divorce isn’t the only reason to locate bank accounts on someone.  Many businesses need to know about the assets and accounts of a potential buyer or business partner.   Lawyers need to know if a subject of a potential lawsuit has any assets.  Bank accounts are without a doubt often important evidence.

Why international asset searches are important

Besides divorce and legal cases, there are many businesses that are either trying to partner up, find new investment opportunities or dissolve. In all cases, there can be dishonesty that can lead to a huge loss of assets. Think about it starting with the beginning of a partnership. You seem like a perfect match for each other. You do your international due diligence. You don’t expect any surprises. Years later as you are dissolving the business for whatever reason, you learn that the partner has been hiding money internationally and you aren’t the first victim. With international business and accounts in many countries all around the world, it seems this type of crime is growing.  Finding these assets, however, is complicated.

How to start the process to find hidden accounts

So how do you protect yourself? How do you find assets or hidden bank accounts internationally? First, you’ll need to work with research experts that can do the legwork for you quickly. Accuracy is very important. You need to be able to trust this expert so now is not the time to lower your standards.  Asset searches entail accessing hard to access information that is hard to find, so expect to pay a fair price.

Find investigators with an international presence. Each country has its own set of rules on how assets and bank accounts are reported and set up. You’ll need some basic information about the person or business you are trying to get information on. Remember assets can be hidden in everything from safety deposit boxes, bank accounts, real property, compnies to stocks or bonds and offshore accounts.

Many times these searches will be complicated and in nearly all cases requires the training and resources of skilled investigators.  International experience knowing how each country works and operational aspects of the financial markets is essential, as most institutions are bound by privacy laws, especially within the United States. Most law firms rely on professional private investigators for this service, and some large law firms even have investigators in house for this type of activity prior and during litigation.

What you can learn by locating international assets

Reputable international investigation firms can help you locate bank accounts on a subject or company in a foreign country.  With this information, you can then make an informed decision and decide whether a lawsuit, divorce, merger or business deal makes sense.  Your lawyer may even use the results to issue a court order on the banks to obtain and present the official bank statements in court.  Other assets such as property and real estate can also be found.  Investigators typically need to know the name and address of the company, or full name and date of birth of the individual you’d like to search for as a minimum.  Bank accounts can be searched at the national level, while property and real estate needs to be searched locally.  In short, knowing what assets the subject has can help you make an informed and profitable decision.

By doing international due diligence and international background checks, you can prevent the hassle of being scammed over time. You’ll know exactly who your new partner is and what he is hiding. You can go into your new partnership clean and clear. And if you ever suspect any foul play, you won’t hesitate to complete an international bank and asset check on him because you know better.

Or, if you find yourself in a divorce and you need to know that if he or she is lying now about who owned what, your ex might be lying about how much money he or she has too. Talk to your lawyer about getting the full picture before settling with your soon to be ex. You can’t go in later and turn back time — you need to know now. If your lawyer isn’t on board with it or does not think it is necessary, it would be wise to discuss your case with an international private investigator or law firm familiar with this service.

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