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4 Reasons for Divorce Attorneys to Hire a Private Investigator

4 Reasons for Divorce Attorneys to Hire a Private Investigator

Divorce cases can be complicated and messy, especially if the parties are stuck in a “he said – she said” situation. Unfortunately, the complexity increases exponentially when the marriage has children and when the case involves different countries. Add infidelity to the equation and things can go south quickly, not only for the now-unhappy couple but for everyone involved.

Private investigators can be instrumental to divorce lawyers in building their cases.  Our international investigators share some ways in which the collaboration is critical:

Gathering evidence of infidelity

One of the primary ways in which private investigators can help divorce lawyers is by gathering evidence of infidelity. This can include following a spouse to see if they are meeting with someone else, and taking photographs or videos of the spouse with another person.

“We work many international cases in which the parties come from different countries, and one spouse takes advantage of their visits back home to meet other people, old romances or even new ones,” says Thomas Crowley, director of Surveillance Services at Wymoo International.  Traveling back home to visit family is frequently innocent and true, but when there are reasons to believe someone is being unfaithful, it is best to have real irrefutable evidence for the successful divorce case. Having boots on the ground in Russia, Philippines or the country where you need them is an important asset, considering the proof will be crucial to support the case.

Finding hidden assets

In some cases, a spouse may try to hide assets, property or bank accounts, or even overseas businesses in order to avoid having to divide them in the divorce settlement. Private investigators help uncover hidden assets by conducting financial investigations and looking for discrepancies in the spouse’s spending and earnings. Property searches and company registration records can also help track where the money has gone, even if it is overseas.

Surveillance helps reveal financial habits

Private investigators can also conduct surveillance to better understand a spouse’s financial habits, and root out any discrepancies between earnings, spendings, and lifestyle. This can be useful in cases where a spouse is suspected of hiding assets or income, but there is evidence that they are in fact living a luxurious life -or at least one that does not match the income.

Providing support for child custody

Private investigators can also be helpful in child custody cases by providing evidence of a spouse’s unsuitability as a parent. For example, if a spouse is suspected of drug use or other forms of misconduct, a private investigator can gather evidence to support this claim. These kinds of situations can in fact go beyond divorce itself, as sometimes couples have been divorced for a while but the concerns of children not being cared for by the parent that keeps them remains.

It’s important to note that private investigators are not legal experts and cannot provide legal advice or represent clients in court. Instead, they can work alongside attorneys to gather evidence and provide support for a client’s case. Ultimately, it is up to the judge to determine whether the evidence is admissible in court based on its relevance and legality, but it will always be useful to have as much information as possible to build a strong case.

When hiring a private investigator or professional investigation firm, it’s important to find someone who is reputable and knowledgeable about the laws. Family law firms lean on reputable private investigators that are not only professional but knowledgeable about the laws. Contact us today, we can help you build your successful divorce case with solid evidence.

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