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Malaysia Scams Continue to Rise, Caution Advised

Malaysia Scams Continue to Rise, Caution Advised

The Internet has brought many perks, but has a big negative attached: the increased prevalence of scams.  Malaysia scams, in particular, are on the rise and Kuala Lumpur police have been struggling to get the problem under control.  Government officials are concerned that the country could get a bad reputation, such as Ghana and Nigeria.  The FBI warns us about online dating scams but scams and fraud cases are becomingly increasingly complex and difficult to detect.   Nevertheless, private investigators say there are some common scams and tactics used that you should be aware of, so you can lower your risk.

Emergency scam

One of the most commonly seen scams in online dating – use caution if you pursue a relationship with a person from Malaysia, although many scammers often claim they are from somewhere else.

Complete with a false identity, the scammer builds a bond with his or her prey and communicates consistently for weeks as a part of the plan.  Usually the scam story unfolds when the scammer has a sudden emergency requiring funds.  If you send funds, the scammer will then disappear or continue to come up with reasons why additional cash is needed.  If there is an emergency, be very skeptical.

Lottery scam

Emails or letters that claim the recipient has won a large amount of money in a lottery he never played is a scam.  Don’t send anyone financial details – you’re setting yourself up for fraud and identity theft.   Also remember that lottery scams also can be surprisingly complex, and they days of 419 scams are nearly over.  Claims of winning or other big jackpots can target you in ways that are quite believable.

False inheritance claims

Like the lottery scam, this type of scam revolves around an individual receiving an inheritance that he had no knowledge of.  A person may get an email from an “estate locator” who claims to have an inheritance.  Usually the scammers ask for bank information to deposit the money – but instead of depositing money, they steal all money that’s in the bank account.  This type of fraud can use authentic looking documents and law firm websites.  Scammers are often experienced criminals, and know how to convince you.

Online dating fraud

No country in the world is growing in reported online dating fraud cases like Malaysia.  If you’ve met someone on the internet, whether it’s on an online dating website such as Match.com or social networking site like Facebook, be careful.  If you’ve met someone who claims to be from Malaysia or traveling in Malaysia or on business in Malaysia, contact a reputable investigator and get a dating background check.  Ignoring the risk or trying to do your own detective work can be a costly mistake and learning lesson.

You may wonder; how can I protect myself from scams and fraud, in Malaysia and around the world?  Malaysia private investigators offer these tips that can go a long way in keeping you safe.

Change logins and passwords. Change your logins and passwords to your email and bank accounts and all other personal online information often.  If you use a public computer, don’t forget to log out.  Online privacy is no longer in existence, so be sure to keep your information safe.

Monitor your bank and credit cards. Check your accounts daily so you see immediately if something has gone awry.  Purchases you didn’t make are an obvious sign that something is not right, so contact your bank and credit card company immediately to freeze your account.

Be discreet. Don’t over-share facts about yourself online – it can get you into trouble.  When people lead public lives, or share too much online, it can lead to negative consequences.

Date online with caution. Never send money to a person you have never met face to face.  No matter how good someone makes you feel over the Internet, remember that the Internet allows for anonymity – you could be talking to a completely different person than you are led to believe.  If you take part in online dating, do so with caution and learn how to identify fake Match.com profiles and others.

If you’ve met someone on the internet you’re not sure about, be safe and verify!

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