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Investigators Offer 3 Tips to Hire Safely in the Ukraine

Investigators Offer 3 Tips to Hire Safely in the Ukraine

The Ukraine is one of the preferred countries for foreign employers in their search for talent, especially in the technology field. Now that remote work is becoming the new normal, and that the employment rate in Ukraine decreased to 56.20 percent in the second quarter of 2021 from 64.60 percent in the first quarter of 2021, more candidates are also searching for online job opportunities. For many, overseas work is the only work.

Searching for remote talent in Kiev is currently a win-win situation, but it’s always important to keep in mind the risks and to follow the best practices that can avoid fraud. Proper verification can save your company from hiring a fraud.  Our private investigators at Wymoo International have put together a list of tips for companies that are in the process of selecting and hiring candidates from Ukraine.

  1. Look for professional help

The first step is to acknowledge that professional help is needed when trying to conduct an employment screening in the Ukraine. Local private investigators with boots on the ground in Kiev make all the difference to the success of an employment screening. Without the proper resources and the expertise of a private investigator on the ground, it will be extremely hard to accomplish a reliable screening process.  Professional investigators in Kiev know the language, have access to local records, can verify documents, and have the training to verify if your candidate is who he or she claims to be.

  1. Plan your hiring with enough time to verify

It doesn’t make any sense to rush when you are trying to select the best talent for your team. Employment relationships are not necessarily for a lifetime, but ideally the longer it lasts the best. Even if you are hiring for a temporary position, the commitment and level of trust expected in the new member of the team must be the highest, and the only way to start with the right foot is to know well your candidate and to confirm they have been honest since the beginning. Consider in your timing that a thorough employment background check investigation may take close to seven days to complete, and that you also need to give time to your candidate to submit the necessary information (resume, ID copies, required forms and permissions, etc). If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll find yourself trying to rush or even considering skipping an extremely important part of the process.

  1. Don’t believe the charmers

Sometimes an interview can go extremely well, and recruiters may have the feeling that evidence is unnecessary. However, an estimate of 25% of job seekers lie on their resumes to try to improve their chances of landing the job, which means that 1 out of 4 people that apply for a role are lying. Some of the inaccuracies may be accidental, like a mistake on a date. But most of the times the lies are intentional. Resumé liars could face court, career-ending media coverage, and a ban by professional bodies, and yet they still take the chance because they know that many employers don’t take the time to verify or only do criminal records searches. Worse than that, the consequences of a bad hire can be very serious for the company, so it’s never worth to overlook the screening process because you found someone you liked.

Make the most of the recruiting effort you’re already doing and remember that investigators in the Ukraine are there to help with the process, and hire safely.

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