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International Private Investigators Offer Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

International Private Investigators Offer Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

It is hard to know from a profile description if that person you met online is the real deal, or just another scammer. International private investigators at Wymoo receive hundreds of inquiries every day from people who would like to confirm the person they met online is worthy of their time, effort and sometimes their money. The same happens with companies and investors who would like to know if a business offer or investment opportunity is legitimate or fraud.

Online fraud has expanded to every corner of the world and to all possible fields: romance, shopping, trading, tourism, investing, making transactions, etc. Ever since everything can be done online fraudsters have taken advantage of it and have meddled in all aspects of business and personal relationships. The internet is as dangerous as the real world, and the crimes being conducted are serious. It is important to know how to protect yourself.

The following are some tips that our international private investigators have put together to help you avoid online fraud.  Know the warning signs, and get help when needed.

Overconfidence is bad

Whether you are dating or doing business online, it is really important to understand that one’s judgement may be wrong, and that real evidence is the only thing that matters. Be skeptical! Without real evidence we are trusting our instinct, and instinct can fail us, especially because online scammers are experts in gaining trust. They know how to manipulate people into doing what they want.

Seek professional help

Looking to start a new relationship? Hire an online dating verification from a reputable investigator as soon as possible. Even if this person seems very real and honest. Even if they sent “proof” of their claims. Professional international investigators have the resources to verify people’s claims, including their identity, location, employment, documents, birth and marriage records, and more. Having a professional help you will ensure the evidence obtained is reliable and unbiased.

If you are planning to advance with a business deal with someone you met online, the advice is the same. Be skeptical, get professional help to conduct a company verification, a background check or international due diligence. Over trusting our judgement can put anyone at great risk. In times when business email compromise and employment fraud are thriving, evidence is the clue.

Share less and you will be less of a target

Publicly or not, sharing information with strangers is dangerous. Online fraudsters do their own research about their targeted victims. Regardless of being an individual or a company, information is power. Social media is one of the greatest resources of online criminals because it can provide a lot of information that people voluntarily share. The more they know about you, the easier it will be to entangle you in the scam. Protect your personal data and keep your private life offline.  Sharing less online is probably the best advice possible and will certainly keep you safer.

Keep in mind that our investigation firm has a professional team working in more than 100 countries to help you stay away from fraud. Contact us if you need reliable evidence!

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