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How to Verify Your Online Romance on Match.com and Plenty of Fish

How to Verify Your Online Romance on Match.com and Plenty of Fish

Have you ever wondered how many of the profiles that you stumble upon on Match.com and POF are real? It is hard to consider online dating as an option when romance scams thrive in these kinds of platforms. Although it is getting harder every day to identify the fraudsters from the real honest people, there are reliable options to discard the criminals.  Professional private investigators at Wymoo International have put together this checklist so you can know if someone is the real deal.

Do not expect the dating site to verify anyone

A lot of people think that Match.com or POF will take care of removing and blocking the fake dating profiles. However, these dating platforms have millions of users worldwide and new accounts are opened or closed every minute. No one can keep up with verifying the identity of every single user when so many accounts are created on a daily basis. Making sure your online date is real is on you.

Prevention is key, always verify first

The most important thing to keep in mind is that time is of the essence when you meet someone through Match.com, POF, or any other dating website. Why is it so important to verify in the early stages of the relationship? Because romance scam is based on manipulating the victims. The more they know about you and the more time that has passed, the easier it will be for them to gain your trust and manipulate you, or gain access to your computer, phone and online passwords. If you have fallen for their trap it will be less likely that you can recognize the red flags and react to it. So, the best option is to start investigating soon. Once you identify that you are interested in someone and before you create any emotional bonds with them, hire a dating background check!

Hire a professional dating background check

A background check investigation is the first step to confirm if someone is trying to deceive you. Online dating scammers do not use their real identities for fear of being caught. They will instead create a fake name and a fake life story. Many of the romance scams today even involve forged documents  like passports or an ID to make the story more convincing. A professional dating background check is a thorough investigation that includes checking birth records, employment and education claims, verifying public records to confirm address and phone, and verifying the documents with the issuing authorities to make sure they are legit. Avoid database companies and hire a real investigator in the country where you need it. Unlike database searches, comprehensive investigations leave no blank spaces. If a professional local investigator works on checking every piece of information directly at the source you will guarantee yourself reliable evidence, instead of an empty report. Do not attempt to verify using the internet only, as this will confuse you even more and it will not provide the evidence you need. Romance scammers also create fake content online to support their claims, so searching online will not help.

Make sure you hire the right international investigators

If you are having trouble finding a reputable international investigation firm, look no more! Wymoo International has investigators on the ground in over 100 countries and we have been conducting background check investigations for over a decade. Dating safely online is possible if you are cautious and you hire professional assistance to get evidence. Contact us if you met someone on Match.com or Plenty of Fish and you are interested in making sure they are who they claim to be.

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