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How to Get a Real Dating Background Check Investigation

How to Get a Real Dating Background Check Investigation

Dating background check investigations have become a major necessity in today´s world. In the old times, relationships were begun because people met at work, school or because they were introduced by a friend. So basically everyone in a relationship had met in person and had a better picture of their date than people have today.  The internet has erased the geographical limits and it is now common to see people who have been in an online relationship for years and still have not met each other in person.  Some successful marriages have even resulted from meeting online.  Anything is possible!  Although meeting in person does not guarantee that the other party is being honest, it does help lower the risk.  For online dating and social media, the risk is high for fraud and scams, so proper dating background check investigations have become key to staying safe.

As convenient as it can be, online dating has its serious risks. As a user of an online dating site, you have absolutely no protection from criminals and individuals who use these sites to perpetrate fraud, run financial scams and, in some cases, cause actual harm to the people they meet online. Social media users are not safe either, as the new trend in online dating fraud is to approach the potential victims through Facebook or other social media sites. And more important than that, no dating or social media site will take responsibility for your interactions with other people on their site, which leaves the whole responsibility of your protection to yourself.  The truth is, even if social media and online dating sites wanted to protect you, they have no way to verify all their users.

Some skeptics argue that online dating and  social media site should and can do more.   In theory, the sites could hire a reputable private investigation firm like Wymoo to verify all new users, but this would drive the cost up for social media and online dating sites, many of which are free.

At Wymoo, we have heard many times people asking which is a safe dating site, one free from scammers. But the truth is that there is no such thing. As long as fraudsters and dating sites continue to profit and allow new users, there will be no place on the internet immune from fraud.

So now that you are fully aware that there is no one covering your back in this online dating world, you will understand why professional private investigators consider that getting a dating background check is a major necessity.   Scam victims can lose it all, and it can happen to anyone!

Getting a REAL dating background check

Every day there seems to be yet another company or website offering cheap background screenings online. People search websites have become popular (and subject of controversy for violating your privacy) even though the information they provide has little to no value when trying to verify a person you met online. Most of the services offered are no other than database searches, but no one really knows where the information comes from or who feeds the database. Actually, the companies that offer quick and cheap background checks simply compile public and media records that anyone can access online. So to begin, a database search is not a real dating background check.

Database search and people search websites have no trained investigators and should not be confused with real private investigators and actual investigation providers.

A real investigation is one where an experienced private investigator will go directly to the sources of information, in the country where you need him to be, and conduct a customized verification process according to your unique situation. A real dating background check will help you avoid a dating scam because real  investigators can verify dates of birth, court and immigration records, employment and education claims, and any information that you can provide them. There is a professional actually doing all the legwork and writing a report that will provide you with the evidence you need.  In many countries, examining things like civil or court records is no easy task because the authorities won´t disclose the information to everyone, but investigators on the ground will have access.

Checking criminal and court records alone is not a background check investigation, but only a small part of properly verifying an individual or company.  A real background check investigation will provide you with clear evidence and answers, verifying the subject’s identity.

Knowing the difference between a poor service and a real background check can save you money, time and effort. Honesty is a chief factor for all aspects of a good relationship. Having the right information on time is an antidote to dating scams and online fraud.  Contact us today!

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