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How to Date Safely Online in 2016

How to Date Safely Online in 2016

Dating online might not be rocket science, but it is definitely something that takes time, effort and some education on the matter. Thousands of websites and news articles provide tips on how to have a fresh start in your online dating experience in 2016. Our team of international investigators would like to offer some tips, but we will only focus on what matters to us the most: your safety!

The following are some tips that will help you stay safe.

Tip #1: Get some technology advice

Not everyone is familiar with technology. Sometimes, people are pushed by family or friends into the online dating world, without even knowing anything about how the dating websites or apps work. This happens a lot with seniors who are pushed by their own children or grandchildren to try online dating as a fun and new activity. But, many times we forget to teach them how to be cautious! Our team of private investigators constantly alerts people that a great part of maintaining a healthy and safe online environment is to learn how to protect your privacy online. Not clicking suspicious links, not sharing your location or sharing much personal information, being able to set up privacy settings correctly, etc. The risks of being scammed or victim of fraud will increase in 2016 with the rise in the use of mobile devices and apps that can control your hardware (camera, GPS, passwords, etc).

Get some technology advice by finding someone who can give you lessons or try searching online for best practices to protect your privacy. Learning how to use properly your device and the platforms for online dating will definitely be a score for you, not against you. If you have no idea how to turn off your GPS, how to keep your Tinder private from your Facebook, or how not to post everything publicly, you will definitely need some advice.  The golden rule is to remember that the more you share online, the more at risk you and your family members are.  Protect your identity and information.  Share less online, and remember whatever you post could end up in the wrong hands!

Tip #2  Choose your words wisely

Online dating scammers have clear targets, but much of their success depends on what you actually share with them. If you just met someone online and you happen to mention you recently became a widow, they will know you are most likely emotionally vulnerable. If you constantly talk about your trips, or the house you own, or any of your assets, they will know your financial status and how much money they might be able to get from you.  Never provide your address to someone you’ve never met!  It is no use to have your privacy settings set to impenetrable if when asked, you decide to tell a stranger all the details.  Choose your words wisely. Yes, you are trying to get to know someone new, but it is important to begin conversation with things that do not identify you. Once you are ready to move forward, get a dating background check and make sure this person is someone you can trust.

Tip #3 Get professional verifications

There is no other way to say it. A dating background check investigation is never a do-it-yourself task. Professional investigators have the experiences, resources and training to investigate someone and identify risk factors.  Many people rely on their own online research when meeting someone, just to find out too late that their own investigation was enough, and that professional help could have saved them.   Every day it is getting easier to create fake profiles, to create fake content online, and to hide your tracks. Online dating criminals know technology. For them creating internet content, editing a document or picture, or finding a way to have a phone line from another country or change an IP address is a piece of cake.  Assuming a real identity from a Linkedin page or public records so you think they are a “real person” is just for beginners.  If you want real evidence, have a professional take a look at the case so you have clear evidence if the person you’re talking to is who he or she claims to be.  Hire someone who has trained investigators in the country where you need them, and remember searching the internet or public records is generally a waste of time.  Databases can’t tell you if someone is real or not, only an investigator with proper training can.   Highly trained investigators at Wymoo can verify a person in any country; we speak the language, we’re on the ground where you need us, and we can verify all known information, such as birth and marriage records, employment and education, reputation, passport and travel records, criminal and court records, documents, and much more.

Official records cannot be easily falsified or forged. Experienced investigators will go directly to the source of the information and the official authority to verify each fact. So instead of trusting an online search you did on your own, leave this important task to the professionals in the matter.

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