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Fake Soldiers in Syria and Afghanistan: How to Get Real Evidence

Fake Soldiers in Syria and Afghanistan: How to Get Real Evidence

Syria and Afghanistan are currently recognized not only for being serious war zones, but also for being the perfect bait for online romance scammers in military scams. Both countries have gone through very tough times. Thousands of people have died fighting in war, many more have been displaced from their homes, and the whole world has witnessed the suffering. In that picture, the most highlighted characters are soldiers and military people who are seen by most as heroes.

Being considered a hero by default is a fact that online criminals use in their favor. There are thousands of fake social media and online dating accounts of criminals pretending to be a military member, and thousands more are created on a daily basis. The photos and information are stolen from the internet, and the rest is just a matter of creativity: making up a good and believable story. The ultimate goal is to gain the victims’ trust and to have them do what they need, which can be sending or receiving funds, buying things for the criminals, providing information that can be sold in the black market, etc. They are all in for the profit.  They slowly gain your trust to access your information and money.

The greatest challenge with identifying fake soldiers in military romance scams is that is it a difficult task that requires investigators in several countries (usually local investigators in the country where the soldier is deployed and in their home country) and access to information that is not available online. When someone is hiding behind a computer, there are few chances of finding out who they really are. Online scammers have many resources to cover their tracks and remain anonymous. They use software to redirect and hide their IP locations, they usually communicate through public networks in internet cafes, bars or  restaurants, they change their locations constantly, and so on.

How to get real evidence?

One of the issues that victims face is that finding evidence is complicated. Verifying that the person they have been talking to online is who they claim to be is something that cannot be done with an internet search. There are no databases online that can simply be searched to prove whether or not someone is a soldier, or their rank, or where they have been deployed. Many websites offer lists of names and photos of fake soldiers, but the information contained there is not reliable because the photos and names belong to real soldiers who may have had their identity stolen. So how do get real evidence?

Expert private investigators in Afghanistan say that verifying a soldier takes the know-how and work of a professional. A dating background check that goes over many different aspects is the key. When a real investigation is being conducted, a whole team of investigators will be checking all the pieces of the puzzle: place and date of birth, travel records, military records, education claims, and more. Once all of these items have been carefully investigated, the puzzle will be solved.  Investigators verify all the known information and determine if the person is a solider or not, and if the person you are communicating with is who he or she claims to be – so you can stay safe.

Keep in mind that no real evidence can be obtained from an internet search or a cheap database service. If you want to find out the truth, you better hire a professional to take care of it!  Have you met someone online or in person who claims to have a background in the military?  Get a professional and discreet military background check investigation so you can make an informed decision.

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