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Facebook Background Check Investigations to Verify Contacts

Facebook Background Check Investigations to Verify Contacts

For those who continue to use Facebook despite the social media company’s blatant disregard for privacy, the risks are greater than ever.  While Zuckerberg and company have made billions by collecting, monitoring, sharing and selling your personal and private data without your consent or authorization, this has overshadowed many of the other serious risks of using Facebook.com.

For the millions of users who have closed their Fakebook accounts to protect their personal data and lower their risk for identity theft, hacking, financial loss, and other problems, we salute you!  For the remaining millions of users on the social media platform, privacy experts, some members of the media, law enforcement, and private investigators like Wymoo® continue to warn the public.

Despite the increased awareness of romance scams and fraud on Facebook, social media and online dating, the actual number of reported Facebook fraud cases continues to rise globally.

John Wallace, Director of Background Check Investigations at Wymoo, states that the problem is only getting worse.  “More criminals are using Facebook to target victims, whether it be with via emails and messages to install malware, or by connecting with victims to gain their trust and personal data.  The result is usually the same, serious financial loss and heartache.”  The fact is, hundreds of thousands of scammers and criminals use fake Facebook profiles to target victims.

Senior citizens and others not fully informed about the risks are especially prone to fraud online.  If you have a parent or family member who uses Facebook, be sure to inform them of the risk, both from a privacy standpoint and criminal standpoint.  Facebook is far from a free service, and the company collects payment (information) from you every time you post something on its website or create an account.  It is essentially a surveillance service, where users agree to be monitored on and off the platform.  We won’t get into Zuckerberg political bias, censorship and war on Freedom of Speech here…

Facebook romance scams are a global business and among the fastest growing fraud types on the internet.  Many Facebook users think of the platform as a place to stay connected with friends and family, not an online dating site.  This is why many internet criminals can be so effective on Facebook.com, because users do not expect foul play when they are connected.

For those that understand the risks but still use Facebook despite the scam risks and lack of privacy, and its war on Freedom of Speech, there are steps you can take to stay safe on Facebook.

Share Less Online

The less you post and share (and use) Facebook, the safer you and your family members are.  Criminals use online dating and social media websites to hunt for prey.  The more details that can be found about you online, the better the target you become.  Share less, so you’re not the perfect target!

Review Your Contacts

If you have over 50 “friends” on Facebook, it would be wise to review your list and remove anyone you don’t know personally, who you can trust with your personal information.  The more connections and so-called friends you have, the more exposed you are.  Any time you share or post anything, just ask yourself if you’d feel comfortable if the information was in the hands of a serious criminal.

Get a Facebook Background Check

Professional private investigation companies like Wymoo International can verify any person or company you have met on the internet.  With highly trained international investigators on the ground in over 100 countries, we have the training, resources and experience to obtain the evidence you need.

Facebook dating background check investigations are real investigations conducted by real investigators, and often include education and employment verification, ID and date of birth verification, passport and visa records, document verification, criminal, court and marriage records, and much more.

Investigators say its important to verify early in the relationship, and don’t wait until the damage is done.  If you’ve recently met someone via Facebook, especially if they are from or in a foreign country, there is a very high risk for fraud and scam.  Contact an investigation professional for advice.

While Zuckerberg and political friends like Obama can afford to build a huge wall around their properties to protect their family and loved ones, most of us are not so lucky.

Are you a senior citizen or person over the age of 50 who has recently met someone via the internet?   Have you connected with a new friend or romance on social media or online dating?  Are you communicating with someone new on Ourtime, Plenty of Fish, Match.com, eHarmony, Tinder or Facebook?  Be safe!  Know the risk and don’t be a victim!  Verify, and then decide.

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