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Turkish Dating Scams in Istanbul – What You Should Know

Turkish Dating Scams in Istanbul – What You Should Know

Turkey is a very popular tourist destination, despite its corrupt government and crumbling economy. It’s culture, landscape, food and people attract thousands of foreigners every year. But those making tourism thrive are not the only ones attracted to Turkey. Every year, thousands of foreigners are also drawn into the wrong people: Turkish dating scammers.

The romance scam industry has done nothing but grow over the years in Turkey, and the economic situation does not help. Currently, the country is struggling with the fiat currency (lira) losing as much as half its value in only three months. The math isn’t complicated: when the currency loses its value people can buy less with their money, and it pushes them to try to find a way to earn foreign currency (US dollars). The plummeting of the currency, the still visible consequences of the global pandemic response crisis, and the immigration issues have all contributed to a situation where people resort to other means of income, including internet fraud and romance scams. Given the high risk, private investigators in Istanbul offer some tips to avoid dating scammers.

The following are some things you need to know to stay safe.

Do not expect the red flags to be easy to detect.

Romance scammers have evolved and their methods are very sophisticated. Scammers are more discreet and patient than they used to be. In many cases, they will not even claim to be Turkish, but instead a foreign businessperson currently in Istanbul, or even a military member deployed somewhere in Turkey. In fact, some may never mention Turkey at all.  They may claim to be in the same state or country as you, and they may assume the identity of a real person, so when you attempt to verify the subject, everything is confirmed.  An experienced investigator is often needed to determine if the subject is who he or she claims to be because the truth is that the stories that scammers use have no limits.  Getting evidence early in the relationship is critical to staying safe.

Only trust reliable evidence.

In online dating relationships it is hard to know who is real and who is not. Being skeptical and verifying every online relationship is the only way to stay safe, regardless of whether the person in question has provided “evidence” of their identity. Turkish dating scammers have many resources to forge documents and create fake documentation, and the only way to know if these are authentic documents is to have access to local government and public records. A dating background check investigation in Turkey provides information that is key to being safe, and it won’t harm anyone. Discreet and confidential investigations will provide evidence without affecting the relationship, and without the subject of the investigation learning about it.

The internet will not give you the answer of whether your online contact is a con-artist or not. Ideally, people should hire a professional investigator based in Istanbul as soon as possible to conduct the background check investigation. Unfortunately, the records needed to verify if someone is who they claim to be are not available online. An internet search may result in misleading information, like fake social media accounts, directories or web content that people think proves the existence and claims of the person. However, the only safe way to verify is to search for official public, government and media records that can confirm if the person is in fact who they claim to be. In order to access this information, you will need a local investigator in Turkey who knows the language and has access to government offices. Investigators can also contact employers or schools if necessary to verify employment and education.

No one is immune from dating fraud and internet scams. Most people do not picture themselves as the type that would fall victim to a dating scam, however criminals have proven that anyone can be a victim. Keep in mind that online criminals are everywhere throughout the web, from dating websites, to social media networks, to gaming sites. There is really no way to be prepared to spot a scammer or avoid them 100%, but there is a way to verify them before you invest your time, feelings and money in them! Contact us for a free quote if you are needing a dating background check in Turkey, and share this information if you know someone who might be at risk!

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