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Dating Background Checks Help Reduce Dating Scams

Dating Background Checks Help Reduce Dating Scams

In recent years, the awareness of internet fraud and online dating scams has increased dramatically.  There have been more stories and publications and blogs posts about the horrors of romance scams and the risks in online dating than ever before.  It seems as if it would be old news, and in many ways, it is.  The online dating and social networking business is huge, and the industry earns billions of dollars of year bringing people together on the internet.  The success of the industry, in fact, has guaranteed the success of the other.  According to private investigators and law enforcement, dating background checks are one way internet users can effectively protect themselves and reduce the risk for fraud online.

Romance scams are for fools and those not internet savvy, right?  Wrong.  Quite the opposite.  The criminals behind romance scams are often experienced criminals and very technology driven.  Staying ahead of the curve is key in this business.  If the public continues to learn more about internet fraud and dating scams, it’s essential that the crooks learn new ways to steal your identity and your money.  And, they do so successfully.  In many cases, it takes a trained international investigator to verify the subject, verify all information provided, screen for fraud, and to determine if the subject is who he or she claims to be.

Many internet users think they can just search Google for their online dating partner, and not send money, and they will be safe.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  If you’ve become “friends” with someone online, or share your information online, or email or instant message with unknown persons on the internet, chances are good you can be a target.  Background checks show that criminals don’t always come from high risk countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Romania, UAE, Turkey, the Ukraine and so on.  These days, many crooks reside in your own country, even in the U.S. or the U.K., for example.   Scammers in West Africa now hide their IP addresses, and have criminal accomplices in most developed countries.

Skype local numbers are used to make you think your guy or gal is local, when they might be in a third world country.  Profiles and photos are copied or stolen on the internet, so when you try to verify a person online, everything seems legit.  It’s a simple business of deception.  Money may never be requested.  Instead, you might just get a virus to steal your passwords.  Or, the subject could gather private information or photos  to blackmail you.  The possibilities for fraud are endless, so get an international background check.

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