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International Background Checks – Services and Pricing Compared

International Background Checks – Services and Pricing Compared

There are many reasons why people will some time in their lives need an international background check. Employers, for example, will consider an international employment screening when hiring overseas, promoting or reassigning someone that comes from a foreign country, or who is living in a foreign country.   Other people will need an international background check to verify someone they have met online or in another country, and with whom they have a relationship.  International investors may need to verify a company or representative.  At some point, in our globalized world, individuals and companies need to verify an individual or company in another country.

It is not illegal for an employer to ask detailed questions about an applicant or employee’s background.  In fact, in many cases, passing a comprehensive background check investigation is part of the requirements for getting hired.  Even in personal relationships, more and more people are realizing the need to verify individuals they meet from other countries.  The risk for fraud and scams is simply too high, and proper background check investigations, conducted by professional private investigators, are now widely accepted.  The key on how to conduct an international background check is to be able to find a service provider that can actually deliver the evidence you need.

Not every background check is the same

At Wymoo International we have expert investigators conducting international background checks in over 100 countries. Our investigators have seen many clients come to us with a so-called background check report that was previously done by a local or an independent investigator, or even an automated report that they obtained using a database screening provider.   Individuals and companies are quick to learn that you get what you pay for.  In the high risk game of international relationships and hires, you will need real investigators who conduct real investigations.  If you think you can accurately verify and investigate a person in India, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Colombia, Brazil or anywhere else on the other side of the globe, you’re sorely mistaken.

Searching a database website in a developing country is reckless and incompetent.  In many developing countries, searching a database is not even an option, as records are not always electronically kept.  Checking criminal records is not a background check and is not an effective method to lowering your risk.  It is only a piece of the puzzle, as many criminals have no criminal record.

Don’t be fooled by a database search company or website with no investigators.  Real investigations cost more, but the evidence can help you make an informed decision and are cheaper in the long run.  Professional background checks enable you to avoid fraud, scams, bad hires and more.

Before making a decision on which provider you will select, consider the following:

Will the background check be conducted by a professional and experienced investigator? 

Conducting a background check investigation is not a matter or making a few phone calls and checking online for internet search results. You can do this yourself.  In most countries around the world it requires a true professional, with knowledge of the local laws and procedures, to verify the facts and get real evidence. Not all countries are equal when it comes to the reliability and accuracy of records, so it is necessary to have access to local records.

Are the investigators on the ground where you need them? 

A private investigation firm that is conducting the international background check remotely may not be able to ensure the reliability of the information, or they might not even be able to find any. Countries like Russia, China and some in Africa are specially challenging when it comes to finding records, either because they protect them so much (like in Russia or China´s case), or because the records are fairly new and not digitalized (like in Africa´s case).

Will the results be delivered immediately? This is a major red flag! 

Yes, it seems tempting to draw on a service that will give you immediate results, but the truth is that the depth and reliability of that information is unknown. Clearly, an investigation report that was run by a computer in a few seconds might not be what you need. How can you be sure that the information in the database was accurate? If conducted by an investigator, do you think they had enough time to review the findings and double check the information contained is correct? Having a professional dedicate time and effort to the international background check makes all the difference.  Real investigators means real evidence.

Does the pricing pay for the time spent and hard work of a professional investigator? 

Pricing is one of the most important aspects of the decision making. Some international background check providers offer their services for prices that we all know are not enough to pay for the service of a professional investigator. You get what you pay for!  The problem is that it definitely affects the quality of the service provided and of the information delivered. For a cheap amount, a company can only offer database results or the work of a non-professional. If you can’t afford to do it right, you may be better off doing nothing.

Before making a decision about a provider for international background checks and due diligence, consider how important is the information you need and how the results will affect your life or company. In all cases, contacting the right background check firm will be a better option.

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