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Ukraine Private Investigators Reveal the Gold Diggers

Ukraine Private Investigators Reveal the Gold Diggers

Most people might think that spotting a scammer is an easy task, but it is not, especially when you are dealing with professionals. Wymoo investigators in the Ukraine have been working for more than a decade to prevent romance fraud cases and maintain highly trained investigators in Kiev.

Ukraine’s internet romance scam industry is still growing. The economic crisis of 2014 deteriorated the living standards of thousands of people, triggering romance scams as an alternative for many. According to the World Bank, Ukraine faces major financing needs to repay public debt and fiscal pressures from higher public sector wages and social benefits. In this environment, many criminals shifted to profitable world of targeting victims using U.S. dollars and Euros via romance scams on the Internet.  In other cases, the subject may be who he ow she claims to be, but the objective is pure financial gain.  Cases where the intent is financial gain only, many refer to these cases as gold diggers.

What to do if you suspect you are dealing with a Ukrainian gold digger?

The most important thing to remember is that you should not wait until there is something suspicious going on. The reason is simple: you may be missing red flags. As time goes by people get more and more involved in the relationship. Scammers know how to build trust over time and they understand why gaining your trust is so important to reaching their goals. Once emotions are involved, it is less likely that victims will react.  Hiring a professional dating background check in the Ukraine in the early stages of an online relationship will save you many headaches and heartaches. Regardless of your particular situation, background checks are a must and a wise insurance policy.

What can a background check in the Ukraine reveal?

A background check investigation will reveal extremely important information and evidence in most cases. It will confirm if the person you have been in contact with is actually who they claim to be, their marital status, criminal records, passport and birth records, address, public and media records, and verify any ID, passport or documents, as well as verify any known employment and education.  With this evidence, clients can make an informed decision and proceed with far less risk.

Some questionable things to look for are court records with accusations of fraud, records of several marriages and divorces in short periods of time (especially with foreigners), and no employment while keeping a high standard of living. A thorough background check investigation will not only verify the real identity of your partner, but it will also reveal if there are suspicious facts or red flags.

If you are already in a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman, keep in mind that this problem is so bad that even embassies like the U.S. have issued alerts about marriage fraud in the Ukraine. Time is critical, so before you put your money at risk, consider a private investigation.

A gold digger may also have a clean past, which is why being cautious with your finances is always a good idea. Keeping financial and love matters separate is a good practice!

Have you met someone in the Ukraine?  Be safe, contact us today for a free quote.

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