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Ukraine Investigators Advise Caution and Kiev Background Checks

Ukraine Investigators Advise Caution and Kiev Background Checks

As the economy and employment situation remains grim in the whole world due to COVID-19 pandemic, internet users are at an increased risk from one industry that is booming: romance scams and dating fraud.  Criminals based in Kiev are more active than ever. Social distancing is forcing people to socialize and date online at unprecedented rates. Given this, online scammers are targeting internet users on match-making sites, online dating sites, and major social media networks.

Every day police and other law enforcement agencies are receiving more complaints and reports of fraud.  Most reports of dating scams originated in the Ukraine are being done in local police stations in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. These agencies have jurisdictional problems due to being in a different country, and the FBI is overwhelmed with requests. This is why scam victims have limited options when facing a fraudster in the Ukraine.  Once the damage is done, it is often too late. Private investigators in Ukraine emphasize the importance of early background checks in online relationships, but also urge caution in regard to whom is hired for the investigation work.

When people begin an internet relationship or communicate with a stranger online, it is important to understand there is no way to find reliable information about a subject over the internet. Google is not the right place to find the truth.  Verifying a person abroad requires a skilled investigator in the country or city where you need them, someone who is properly trained and has the resources to verify a person and all their information. Hiring a professional background check as early as possible is the only way to be safe, especially with the current lockdowns that limit the possibilities even more.

A background check investigation in Kiev conducted by a local professional is the best way to obtain reliable evidence. Consumers should be aware of the potential pitfalls when shopping for a private investigation firm or background check company in the Ukraine or Russia. Consider an alternative if the investigation firm has no references on the internet or from former clients, if they have no professional website, if they do not speak proper English (otherwise how would you relay your needs and understand the outcome of the investigation), or is not available for a phone conversation. These are troubled times and fraudsters are trying to take advantage of this chaos from every corner, so keep in mind that they can also trick you by claiming to be a professional investigator.

Do not wait until it is too late. Recovering from the damage can be much more costly than investing in a thorough background check investigation or proper due diligence. When conducted properly, an international background investigation will verify the subject’s identity, their claims of employment, education, address and other useful information to prove if they are being honest. If a person’s claims cannot be verified, the subject is lying for a reason, which in most cases is to scam.

The demand for private investigators in the Ukraine is up sharply because of the increased risks in this pandemic. Thankfully, people are becoming more aware of the high risk for fraud in online relationships in Eastern Europe, and many are now relying on the expertise of a professional Ukraine investigator to verify people and business.  Get a free quote.  Be safe and lower your risk!

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