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The ROI of Dating Background Checks: Does it Pay to Verify?

The ROI of Dating Background Checks: Does it Pay to Verify?

Every decision we make in life comes with an analysis of cost-benefit. Whether we do it consciously or not, we always decide this way. When it comes to online dating, people have invested so much of their time and sometimes financial resources in a long distance relationship that they often wonder if it is worth to verify or just keep things flowing and continue waiting to see what happens. The problem is that quite frequently, there is no relationship, just a scam and the victim is you.

It pays to verify

Hiring a dating background check investigation conducted by a professional investigator is an investment, and it returns. When people have clear evidence since the beginning of an online relationship, they can decide sooner if it is worthy of their time and money. Time is extremely valuable. If the person is not right for you or simply not even who they say they are, you will avoid wasting your time. The ability to move forward before anything is lost is by itself a great deal.  If you are communicating with a fraud, finding out sooner is critical, as the more time goes on, the more victims become emotionally involved, and the great the chance for serious financial losses.

Protecting your money pays back

You have probably heard news about scammers who deceived their victims out of their whole life savings, homes, etc. These are real cases of real people who waited to long to verify and were trapped in the lies of a scammer. Internet criminals are very smart and resourceful. They are experts in manipulating people with all kinds of stories of how they will pay back for the money they request, but they never do. Conducting an online dating verification is a simple but effective way to identify and eliminate the scammers and make sure you won’t be deceived by one.

Having peace of mind pays back!

Even if you have not been sending money to anyone, there are many other serious risks. Wymoo private investigators around the world have detected many different types of schemes and victims, and fraud comes in a thousand forms. Some of the romance scammers will only use their victims to steal their identity or blackmail you, for example. Where do you think all those fake military profiles come from?  Your contact hasn’t asked for money?  Don’t worry, criminals have countless other ways to access your information and steal your information or money, so verifying soon is key.

Another increasing scheme is to use victims to receive money that comes from illegal activities. Victims become unaware money launderers because they think there is no risk in accepting money from strangers and then resend to someone else. As long as they don’t have to use their own money, it seems perfectly fine. However, the consequences are serious and victims can get into real legal trouble for participating, even if they claim to have been unaware and a victim themselves. Hiring a professional to conduct a background check investigation to verify the subject will give you peace of mind!  And don’t forget, real evidence requires real investigations conducted by trained investigators in the country or countries where you need them.  Expect to pay a realistic price for this service.

What if it’s too late?

Our investigators get asked this a lot: What if I have already sent money to the person in question? What if I already accepted to receive their suspicious funds? What if I already gave them access to my personal or banking information? Ideally, professional dating background checks are designed to prevent people from falling in these traps. However, it is still worth to invest in verifying the facts. The evidence obtained in an investigation can help victims report the scam with the proper authorities, and based on what is found, it can even help them search for legal advice to prosecute the perpetrators.  Furthermore, investigators can obtain clear evidence so you can get closure and make an informed decision.  Without clear evidence, you are a potential victim and in the dark.

Contact us for a dating background check investigation quote if you are currently in an online relationship, especially if it is international in nature. It is a wise investment.

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