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How to Find the Right Child Care Provider

How to Find the Right Child Care Provider

Children are the most important people in our lives and our society’s most valuable assets. They are innocent and fragile, and yet we often leave them in the care of near strangers, usually out of necessity. Unfortunately, scammers or less-than-professional people often prey on the desperation of parents looking for a safe spot to place their children.  Some people simply desperately need jobs, so they lie on their resume assuming taking care of your child will be easy, with no experience necessary.  Screening is important!

With careful planning and education, and the help of a professional background check service, you can find the right person, or people, to care for your child safely.  This is probably the most important job of all, so verifying the potential nanny or child care provider’s experience is essential.

What are some things to consider when making these decisions?

Schedule: Maybe you have been considering daycare for your child when you go back to work part-time. Unfortunately not all daycare centers provide an option for part-time care. Consider which ones complement your schedule prior to committing to one specific style of care- it may be that your first choice won’t fit in with your lifestyle.  If the schedule doesn’t match, you can cross it off your list.

Sickness: At most child daycare facilities, if your little one is sick (typically determined by even a slight fever), you will be required to come pick her up. This could be challenging depending on the flexibility of your work environment. It may be beneficial to hire a nanny if you don’t have the luxury of leaving work to tend to a sick child.  You might also consider which environment is healthier for your child.

Availability: Start as early as you can on your childcare search- you may not have as many of your preferred options available if you delay. Several daycare establishments can fill up fast and even have waiting lists a year-long; this is especially the case in urban areas with high population and a significant number of parents active in the workforce.  Start your search and review your options early.

Cost: This could probably be at the top of this list, but depending on your area the costs of the different types of childcare may not vary that much. Unfortunately nearly all options are expensive- according to one study, the monthly cost of infant care exceeds that of feeding a family of four. Nonetheless, take the time to determine your budget and what is affordable for your family; ultimately it may not make sense to pay more for childcare than what you make at your job, after taxes and transportation cost.

Individuals: One advantage of an established childcare facility is visibility; there are several people there to take care of your baby, as well as to monitor the actions of others. You can even have a company verification check run to see what complaints may have been issued in the past. Many even have cameras and live video feeds you can access from the web. You are putting your most precious family member in someone else’s hand and it’s vitally important to take every step possible to ensure you hire someone that will take proper care of them. If you decide to hire an individual nanny you absolutely should get a background check; it will give you confidence that you aren’t hiring someone with a criminal or questionable background.

Screening: When considering your options for child care, and what works best for you and your family, your child and your budget, there are so many things to consider.  The decision alone can seem overwhelming.  Often times parents are faced with stressful decisions and disagreements can develop even among the family about what or who is best for the child.  Experts say it’s best to narrow down your choice to a facility or a center, and then discuss your options with a reputable private investigator.

Make no mistake, there are plenty of unqualified people seeking jobs as a nanny or babysitter.  There are many individuals with false information on their resume, hoping to take care of your child.  And yes, there are even individuals with criminal records and drug problems seeking employment in child care.  Some child care facilities mistakenly hire criminals or incompetent help, or are poorly run and may even have a history of litigation and negligence.  Make your child care decision carefully!

Which childcare options worked best for your family?

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