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Poland Scams and the Poland Private Investigators Who Fight Them

Poland Scams and the Poland Private Investigators Who Fight Them

No country is exempt from fraud and scams, however as international private investigators we can notice when online crime is thriving in a certain place or becoming less of a problem in another one. A few years back, Nigeria was a hot spot for dating, inheritance and investments scams, but once the word was out people started to be more wary about anything related to Nigeria. But scammers never stop, they find new opportunities in different and unsuspected places, and they start all over again.

Poland fraud cases have become more apparent in the past couple of years. The country has managed to avoid the same level of economic damage experienced in other European countries during the pandemic, and yet online crime continues to increase, probably triggered by the “successful” example that their Ukraine neighbors have set.

Another very important fact that affects online crime statistics in a certain country is migration. Poland is under a migration crisis that began in late August, when growing groups of migrants mostly from the Middle East, began massing at their borders, pushed there by the Belarus government. Back in 2015, European countries started opening their borders to migrants given the war in countries like Syria. However, Poland wasn’t one of them and yet six years later they are having to face a migration crisis coming from countries who couldn’t deal with migrants anymore. The movement has now become much larger, with more than four thousand men, women and children trapped in the border. Poland declared a state of emergency and fortified their border, however Belarusian forces have aided the migrants in breaking through. The uncontrolled migration is a crisis because the resources that every country has are limited, and when those resources need to be distributed there will always be people left out. This turns to unemployment, underemployment and people needing to look for a means of survival.

Wymoo private investigators in Poland say the increase in scams and fraud has been especially steep in the last months, with more cases of investment, business, and romance fraud. The advice for all international relationships is always the same: verify the facts and get clear evidence. Polish scammers are sophisticated so do not expect an obvious scheme. Online fraudsters know that trust takes time, and they are willing to spend as much time and to use as many resources as needed to make their moves.

If you are dealing with a business contact consider a company verification in Poland, so you can have evidence of whether or not the business is legally registered in the country, if it is in good standing or if there are records of being involved in fraud cases in the past, and if the representatives are real and trustworthy people.

For those who have met a friend or romantic partner online, be extremely cautious with any financial requests, especially if it involves cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that crypto scams are increasing also due to the lack of control and anonymity they protect. To be on the safe side, hire a dating background check investigation from a reputable private investigators with investigators in Poland as soon as possible when you start to feel interest in that person, and save yourself from losing time, energy and money.

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