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Plan Ahead your Company’s Investigation Needs for 2020

Plan Ahead your Company’s Investigation Needs for 2020

At the end of every year companies make their plans for the upcoming one, which includes sales, marketing, operations, business development, IT and more. Within all these plans, there should be another consideration: private investigation services to reduce risk.

To continue growing, every business needs to hire more people, to expand operations to other regions or to work with new business partners (investors, suppliers, distributors, etc). In our terms all of this translates to employment background check investigations, company verifications, international due diligence services, assets searches and more. The need to partner up with a global private investigation firm is critical in today’s world, which is full of fraud and misrepresentation.

The following are some of the recommendations that our expert international investigators have for planning ahead your 2020 investigation needs.

List the areas where you will need investigation mostly

A lot of times people tend to think about growth in terms of human resources only. If your company’s plan for 2020 is to hire new people offshore, then you need to consider international employment screening services. But this is not the only area where your company might need investigation. Franchises will require to investigate potential franchisees, and other companies will probably have to consider due diligence and verification of new investors or business partners. Based on Wymoo International’s experience, knowing ahead where your company needs to mitigate risks is essential to success in this goal. Our investigators have worked in many different areas including company operations and surveillance and can help you find customized solutions to your needs, but you have to know what exactly is it that you want to achieve and in what areas.

Map the countries or regions where you will require investigations

Based on your business development plans, you can determine where you’ll be needing investigations. As a global private investigation firm, we consider it important to make sure the people working your investigations are on the ground where you need them. This will facilitate the investigations and ensure a better quality, since there is direct access to the sources of information and legal and technical knowledge of each country.

Set a budget aside for private investigations

Once you know what your investigation needs are, you can calculate how many investigations you might be needing and what type. If you plan is to hire 100 more people, then you would have to consider 100 employment screenings. If you are planning to sell your franchise to 50 new investors, then you need to have the budget to vet 50 potential franchisees. The more you approximate your goals to your real needs the better use you’ll give to that budget. This consideration is especially important given that skipping necessary investigations due to lack of a budget is a dangerous practice.

Partner up with a company that can service all (or most) of your needs

Having different providers in every country, for every different investigation service, can really mess things up. The main idea of hiring professional investigators is to have evidence to lower your company’s risk, but when too many parties are involved the chances of slipping into a bad experience increase. Partner up with a company that can provide all -or most- of your investigation needs so you can maintain quality and consistency in your investigations, but also to avoid the handling of confidential information with several providers.  A reputable international investigation company can handle nearly all of your background check and due diligence needs and be a one stop shop.

Our team of private investigators have helped hundreds of companies make informed and wise decisions about their future. Contact us and let us help yours in 2020!

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