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Locate Bank Records in International Due Diligence

Locate Bank Records in International Due Diligence

As the international business and global trade evolves, individuals and corporations have to be more informed about their competitors and business partners, and potential suppliers and investors. These days, many business relationships start online, through a website or email. Due diligence is a complex process, and one that companies around the world conduct before engaging in business deals or acquisition processes. It is a thorough check and investigation into a person or company to determine if the subject is who it claims to be, to minimize risk in the business deal. As part of this research, many managers, individuals and CEO’s, not to mention lawyers, turn to reputable private investigators to conduct an international asset search.

Bold entrepreneurs understand and have a clear idea that the more they know about businesses the better decisions they are able to make in order to keep growing, while taking calculated but minimal risks. Knowing more about a potential supplier, buyer, seller or partner is key in today’s global world. To know more about a company or individual in another country, private investigators often recommend an international asset search or bank account search to uncover evidence on financial information. While verifying the company or manager is key, it’s also essential to check the financial health of any potential individual or company.

In international due diligence where money is really the big issue, it is important to get the most accurate information possible and this is only possible when bank records can be accessed. As part of a comprehensive due diligence, investigators can search for bank accounts on the person or company in the country or countries where the subject is believed to have assets.  It’s a question of being informed.

There is no other tool that offers clear evidence of financial strength on a business or corporation. But, many say, bank records in most countries are protected as private information that can only be accessed through court orders. So, how do investigators obtain it? The key is that investigators don’t obtain “official” statements, but they do obtain the information clients are looking for, which is a clear picture of the financial situation. In legal cases, attorneys can then issue a court order on the bank, based on the findings.

Bank records search and asset search services are done internationally by highly trained international private investigators with contacts in the financial industry, and access to certain databases in the countries of investigation. It’s essential that any investigator conducting the search has these local contacts.

To conduct an asset search as part of a due diligence investigation, or order the asset search alone, it’s important to choose an investigator in the country where you need the bank records. Check if the investigation company has a team or investigator on the ground in the specific country or countries, and check the company’s reputation. Asset searches are complex in nature, and can only be carried out by select firms.

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