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International Due Diligence Key in Business Expansion Plans

International Due Diligence Key in Business Expansion Plans

Is your company looking to expand internationally? Business expansion is often a necessary step in the survival of a company, and in today’s world, it is even possible for small businesses. Many people want to sell their products overseas, but this is not the only way to grow. Some businesses begin by hiring suppliers in other countries who can produce their goods at a lower cost, allowing them to expand their sales reach and increase their net revenue. One of the most important questions, however, is whether the company is truly prepared to conduct international business and manager the risks that go with it. According to Wymoo’s professional investigators, many companies fail to consult an expert about proper international due diligence and thus become victims of fraud.

Before embarking on an international adventure, consider the following factors:

Conducting business abroad may be less expensive, but it entails additional risk.

Research and thorough investigations are required before entering a foreign market, yet many smaller businesses are either doing it incorrectly or not at all. International business is a high-stakes game.  To be successful, these risks much me dealt with.

You can’t just accept a company’s assurances that they are a premier producer or seller of affordable items or raw resources. The most crucial thing to take into account when choosing a supplier, distributor, or new business partner should be the evidence. The world is home to millions of legitimate companies, but there are also tens of thousands of fraudsters pretending to be one of them.

The evidence that can be obtained from a professional investigation firm on the ground cannot be replaced by unverified paperwork provided by one of the parties. International due diligence is all about confirming with official and unbiased sources that a company’s claims are correct, and you will need local investigators with access to these sources to be able to achieve this goal of finding reliable evidence.

Financial losses can occur when things are lost in translation.

Even if a company’s claims of solvency, registration status, operations and contract provisions appear acceptable and reasonable to you, you might be missing out on important things due to the language barrier and to not knowing how local laws work in that country. Due diligence can occasionally reveal that the terms are somewhat different than you initially understood. Any new business alliance has a number of potential pitfalls, so whether you’re working with a new contact in India, China, Russia, Romania or the Philippines, make sure you count on international due diligence experts that can give support to your business.  Getting clear evidence before you make a decision.

Start modestly to establish a connection and assess the advantages.

When entering new markets, it’s important to do so in the safest and most straightforward way possible. If your company is well-suited to expand internationally, start by creating a business expansion plan that won’t demand significant upfront expenditures. The business market is changing fast, so before engaging in a long-term business relationship or getting into contract with big amounts, start modestly and establish trust before making a larger commitment. Due diligence is a great way to uncover risky situations and mitigate the potential damages of a bad business. However, it is not bullet proof.

Contact our international due diligence experts if you’re about to embark in an international business expansion.  We can get the facts and evidence to help you succeed.

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