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Colombia Private Investigators in Bogota Help Clients Avoid Fraud

Colombia Private Investigators in Bogota Help Clients Avoid Fraud

Crime and criminal organizations have a certain culture. Mafia rings are not the same in Russia than in China, or Colombia. The same happens with other types of fraud like romance scams. International private investigators in Colombia have learned that each group has their own seal, and Colombian fraudsters have their particular way to operate (especially in romance fraud cases).

Contrary to romance scams in West Africa or Eastern Europe, Colombian romance fraudsters do not always create fake personas out of internet photos of someone else. They are aware that their targets are fairly close to travel from the U.S., so meeting in person is not as far-fetched and complicated as it would be for someone wanting to travel half the world from the U.S. to Romania. This might be one of the reasons why Colombian romance scammers usually use their own photos and names, because they know they might eventually meet their victim (or might have met them in person already).

Another reason is that Colombian women are known worldwide for their beauty and their looks. This situation attracts many foreigners to search for love in Colombia, and there is a big chance they will find someone they like! The problem is not the looks, but their intentions.

Private investigators in Bogota say that romance scammers often claim to be girls who are studying in the university, and need financial support to pay for their education, rent and basic expenses. Most of the victims are selected to be people who can afford a monthly fee without any inconvenience, and they will be more than willing to help. Who wouldn’t want to support a good person who is on their path to being a professional? However, their claims are false and their only goal is to have someone else pay for their needs while not having to earn their own money the right way.

How to avoid being a victim?

The first step in any long-distance relationship is to conduct a dating background check investigation to verify the subject’s claims. Even if you have met in person and have little doubt about their identity, a background check investigation in Bogota will help verify if the person works where they claim to work, goes to the school they claim to, and other details such as criminal, court, marriage and address records. Keep in mind that involvement in a criminal gang or scam operation in Colombia is a real danger and not easy to detect, so checking their past is crucial to be safe.

Surveillance can also be used when there are suspicions of wrongful activities, like participating in prostitution or drug dealing. These are not uncommon practices in any country, but there is a high risk in Colombia. People who are involved in these activities are also looking for victims within foreigners who visit the country, and with promises of love are able to deceive many of them.

Investigate first, then decide

Hiring a professional to conduct a background check investigation or surveillance is often a required step before making any decisions.  Being informed keeps you safe.  If you are considering traveling, sending money to the subject, or simply investing time and effort in a relationship, your best option is to have evidence and know it is safe to move forward. Wise decisions can only be taken when you have the full picture, so do not hesitate to hire an investigator and get the evidence you need!

If you have met someone in Colombia, contact us for a free investigation quote.

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