International Due Diligence

Wymoo® International conducts international due diligence and private investigations for individuals and businesses in over 100 countries. Our highly trained international detective team, global agents and support staff enables clients to minimize risk in global business and investment.  The risk for business fraud, investment scams and criminal activity is high, and should be minimized.

We specialize in verifying individuals and organizations. Company verification services are strictly confidential, and each case is customized to meet the needs of our client. How do you know if the company you’re dealing with is real? How can you be sure the representative is truly who he or she claims to be? Whether you’re an individual or corporation, Wymoo can perform an asset search or due diligence investigation to verify the business and reputation, verify managers and ownership, and screen the case for fraud. Our local investigators verify offices, cash flow and more.

International transactions and foreign investment represents an increased risk level for fraud and scams, and misrepresentation of facts and figures. Clients around the world trust Wymoo to deliver risk mitigating solutions at a fair price. Our international investigators specialize in obtaining evidence, verifying facts, screening for fraud and identifying risks.  We can help.  Get a free quote.