United Kingdom

Wymoo® International provides discreet investigations and complete background checks for both businesses and indviduals in over 100 countries, including the United Kingdom.  With professional field investigators and agents in Dublin and London, U.K., Wymoo protects global clients from fraud and scams through professional background check investigations and expert investigators.

The U.K. is a moderate risk nation for fraud, but has experienced a sharp increase in fraud and scam cases in recent years.  Among London’s metro population of 9 million, undocumented immigrants and criminal operations are growing.  Scammers often have connections to criminal groups in nations such as Nigeria, Malaysia, Ukraine or Russia. Because of the risk for fraud, relationships should be verified.  Our international investigators enable clients to know if a person or company is legitimate.

With headquarters based in Florida, United States, plus agents and field investigators in the U.K. and around the world, Wymoo International provides professional services in over 100 countries. Whether you require a UK background check, UK due diligence, dating background check, company verification, UK private investigator, asset search, London private detective, surveillance or fraud screening, we can help.  All of our services are discreet and strictly confidential.  Get a free quote today.