South Africa

Wymoo® International provides private investigations and background checks for organizations and indviduals in over 100 countries, including South Africa. With investigators and support staff in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, our international investigation services protect clients from fraud and scams.  Our firm specializes in obtaining key evidence and minimizing your risk.

South Africa is a moderate risk nation for fraud, and relationships begun via the internet are most susceptible to scams and manipulation. Although South Africa is the most developed country on the continent,  business transactions and personal relationships remain a target for fraud and scams.  Because of the risk, all relationships should be verified with an international due diligence or confidential background check.  Africa companies and investments should also be verified.

Based in Florida, United States with field investigators in Africa and around the globe, Wymoo International provides professional investigation services with local expertise. Whether you require a South Africa due diligence investigation, online dating check, South Africa background check, fraud screening or complete private investigation, our team can help. All of our client services are strictly confidential and discreet. Want to learn more? We can help. Contact us for a free quote.