Wymoo® International provides professional investigation services and background checks for indviduals and organizations in over 100 countries worldwide, including the Philippines and Southeast Asia. With field investigators, agents and support staff in Manila and Cebu, Philippines, Wymoo protects global clients from fraud and scams via international investigation and surveillance.

The Philippines is a high fraud risk nation, and relationships that are begun via the internet are even more susceptible to scams and manipulation. The Manila metro area has a population of 11 million. Business fraud is common and due diligence is advised.  Romance scams and marriage scams are widespread.  Online relationships should be verified via a pre-marital or dating background check.  In many cases, only a trained investigator can determine if a person or company is legitimate.

With investigation headquarters based in the United States, plus field agents and investigators around the world, Wymoo provides global investigations with local expertise in over 100 countries. Wymoo now offers due diligence, Philippine background checks, infidelity checks, covert surveillance, company verification, missing person searches and highly trained detectives.  Read our investigator advisory for important information on choosing a PI, and contact us today for a free quote.