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Oil Rig Employment Claims Increasingly Used by Dating Scammers

Dating scams are so successful because the internet allows people to communicate and start a relationship even if there is a great distance between them. In fact, the physical distance is one of the most important success factors because scammers can make up any story they want and can count on not being discovered. If […]

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Romance Scammers Finding Victims on Instagram

The majority of users of Instagram and social media networks such as Fakebook (Facebook) do not even know what a romance scam is, or that it even exists. We are not naturally prepared for fraud and deception, but criminals find a way to reach good people and currently Instagram is a great means to expand […]

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Turkey Investigators Warn About the Risk for Dating Scams

Turkey is a country with dazzling monuments and landscapes that do not fail to impress. People from all over the world feel attracted to its culture and architecture, but mainly to its people. Thousands of foreign men and women are caught by the charms of the Turkish, so be careful! Unfortunately, private investigators in Turkey […]

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Australia Private Investigators and Background Checks Down Under

Background check investigations are becoming very important in many parts of the world, and the field of international background checks is one of the fastest growing markets.  In places like West Africa, Russia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Ukraine, Romania, United Arab Emirates and the U.K., increased hiring risk and higher incidences of fraud and online dating […]

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