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Corporate Advertising is Killing Your Privacy

Remember when having cameras on every corner spying on people was only science fiction? Thought the classic book 1984 was too farfetched?  Remember when Google was just a search engine and not a tool for surveillance and propaganda to control the masses?  Those were good times!  Now mass surveillance is real and it isn’t entertaining […]

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Data Protection and Privacy: Big Issues for Governments

As an international private investigation firm, Wymoo International has been able to witness many of the deficiencies that governments and authorities have, both in the way they collect and store the information on their citizens as in the way they handle and protect this data.   Make no mistake, the government is not efficient and not […]

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4 Keys to Improve International Due Diligence

Avoiding due diligence can expose your company to unnecessary risk Businesses with operations in two or more countries, franchises and companies that outsource part of their operations abroad should pay special attention to international investigations, particularly their due diligence process and their international employment screening. According to Wymoo private investigators, many companies fail to properly […]

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Syrian Refugees – How the Crisis Impacts Internet Fraud Crime

The crisis originated in Syria is not a one country problem or isolated problem anymore.  According to the U.N., Syria has become the world´s top source of refugees since the Second World War. There are at least 4 million Syrian refugees officially registered across the Middle East and Europe, and still many of the neighboring […]

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Ashley Madison – Protecting Yourself from Painful Data Breaches

The past two years have been pretty intense when it comes to data breaches. Hackers have been working hard on getting a hold of as much information as possible, and with time they have learned who makes a better target. They started with massive records from very diverse databases of retail store clients, then continued […]

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International Private Investigator Wymoo – Global Coverage

For an increasing amount of people and companies today, it is extremely important to be able to count on firms that can provide services on a global scale. And of course there is a reason why. Business and personal relationships have no country boundaries nowadays. Large scale and medium sized companies, franchises, and even small […]

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